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A Presidential Cookie

I have a theory that in order to be First Lady you have to have a cookie recipe.
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I have a theory that in order to be First Lady you have to have a cookie recipe.

Martha Washington had a cookie recipe: jumbals. (Jumbals have fallen out of fashion but they're a little like a pretzel made out of biscuit dough.)

Mary Lincoln had a cookie recipe: gingerbread men, which is exactly what you would expect, if you were "writing a cookie recipe" for Mary Lincoln.

Jackie Kennedy didn't exactly have a cookie recipe, she had a peanut brittle recipe (and, also, quite a good recipe for creme brulee) but she was Jackie Kennedy and it was the '60s and if you wanted a cookie really badly, peanut brittle might do the trick.

Pat Nixon did not have a cookie recipe. She had a brownie recipe and further to my theory, he had to resign.

Nancy Reagan had a cookie recipe: coconut macaroons.

Laura Bush has a cookie recipe: Texas Governor's Mansion Cowboy Cookies and she also has a copyright on her cookie recipe so, we'll say no more about that, since, as we know, the Bush's don't really like to share.

Hillary Clinton has a famous chocolate chip cookie recipe which is now being published all over the web as Bill and Hillary Clinton's chocolate chip cookie recipe because Bill gets it. And Bill knows he has to have a cookie recipe.

Tipper Gore had a cookie recipe: ginger snaps. And we all know she really was First Lady for a minute there.

Which brings us to Cindy McCain. I know, easy shot, but Cindy McCain does not have a cookie recipe. She had a passion fruit mousse recipe which wasn't really hers, it was really someone else's (either Giada De Laurentiis or Rachael Ray, I'm not sure which one) and it has since been redacted.

And then, there's Michelle Obama who doesn't have a cookie recipe either. She has an apple cobbler recipe. But she's Michelle Obama and it's the new millennium and maybe apple cobbler is just what everyone had in mind.