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2017 has graced us & we’re already into the second month of the year, and for millennial go-getters, our eyes are more fixated on the prize. And that is success. Success in the definition we so decide to define on our own terms.However; as the year progresses, it's easy to become distracted. BY OURSELVES. Of course, this hinders our growth & we may find ourselves enjoying too much our excuses as we endure the repetitive cycle of a series of things. How do we really know when we're growing and when we're stalling? How do we differentiate between the two?

I admit that my first year of growing my business was super scary especially as I had no experience. I felt that I had to absorb almost any valuable piece of information that came my way and my favourite click on a browser was the subscription button. What I didn't realise was that I was preventing myself and my business from growing, because I constantly felt that I needed to learn more & eventually I got stuck.After all, the advice was from experts & I was not one of them yet...or so I thought.

It's quite easy to think that. That we're not valuable enough or we're not skilled enough to bring value to other people. That's the number 1 killer of dreams by the way. Doubting yourself & comparing yourself. However; there's a way to combat it all. How? By practicing the art of Micro-Movements.

Simply put, it's a series of small steps leading you to a big outcome. Taking a 360 turn on habits not only provides stress & discomfort for us. Which can lead to overwhelm. Which eventually leads to either giving up or burnout. I will try to explain using the analogy of anger management. Let's say that you become agitated and react violently "verbally or physically", without thought anytime you're faced with an argument. Yet, you really want to become a better person but you're having difficulty with the change. First off that's you in the way of allowing yourself to improve. But what if you were to take a small step every time. Count your breaths, walk away, think before you react...it adds up. That's micro movements.

The same goes for your business. Turning your growth around & maximizing your efforts will take time, which by the way will add up.But the first thing to be done is figuring out what you're not doing right, what areas you're holding back on, and what outcome you want? The second step is figuring out what small steps you can take for each of these.

1. What are you not doing right? I know what it feels like to think that you have all the answers. Or reading an article, taking a course & saying "I already know that". That might be true but are you implementing the know?A micro-movement tip would be to allow yourself to accept the insight from someone else. As a femtrepreneur, solopreneur, mompreneur, infopreneur, or general biz owner, we sometimes need to take a step back & look at the big picture from a distance for better clarity.

2.What's holding you back?Fear and doubt are common passers-by on the road to success.I have learned that fear will always show up, but doubt you can't hold out a hand to. The reality is, these are very difficult to overcome, and it will need consistent and regular conditioning on the self and the mind to believe & affirm that you are ready to become more fearless. A micro-movement tip would be to embrace them. Embrace your fear, and learn from it. Find out why you're afraid. Embrace your doubt, give it a hug and then send it on its way.There is no greater feeling knowing that you executed and excelled at something beyond your comfort zone. Because it allows for more endorphins to keep pushing yourself.

3.What outcome do you want?Of course, this one will be different for every business owner.But having a solidified outcome and great reasons to back up why you want it, will give you the foundation you need to start planning your action steps. No matter how small.

Of course, these are just examples and every woman faces different blocks along the way. But every micro movement adds up to the big picture, the big outcome & realising and accepting when you're in your own way is the first step. Are you running a business where you feel stagnant? Or have you been thinking of starting your own but fearful of taking that first step?As a way forward how about a little exercise.

Get into a quiet brainstorming mode & ask yourself the same questions above. Let yourself be fully open and transparent with your responses. I would love to read some of your answers on what struggles you are currently facing in your biz and what micro movement you plan on taking to combat them.Let me know in the comment session below or we can even chat about it for half an hour during a discovery session.

Until next time . xx Menellia

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