A Public Confession of a TV/Film Writer

Let me be perfectly clear.

I hate what I am about to say.

I hate that this is who I have become.

But until things change, I have no choice.

God, this is embarrassing. Taking a deep, deep from the core breath here.

Olay, what I am about to say is based solely on the fact that I am no longer able or willing to cope with the pandemic of evil that has infected American politics whose symptoms are a severe lack of civility, respect, common courtesy and decency.

So here it is:

I am no longer a liberal.

That is, I'm no longer a liberal in the sense of what it used to mean.

In the old days I was a borderline humanist/socialist but one who liked to shop a lot.

This country was built on the principles of democracy and I am perfectly fine with that.

Give people of any color or faith the opportunity to fan the flames of their imagination and let them become entrepreneurial millionaires who parcel out jobs galore and I'm ready to send them a nice hunk brisket in their honor.

But because of what is happening in GOPolitics at the moment, I have been forced to dig my feet deeply into the sand.

Worse: I am building a wall around me.

I suddenly find myself defensive as hell and simply not interested in any kind of discourse with the other side.

The reason is I don't give a shit about them. Not on any single level. To me the evangelical right are a bunch of illiterate, narcissistic yahoo gun toting morons. If what happened in Sandy Hook was not enough to create sweeping changes in keeping automatic weapons out of the hands of the sick and twisted then I am fucking through with all our you.

I announce today that I'm now officially a conservative, red neck liberal who only hears the sound of my own bleeding heart.

And who created this mess? Your GOP'd, n*gger-hating Congress. The ones who stopped progress (for you) dead in its tracks.

The ones who dared to shout "you lie" at our sitting President in the hallowed chamber of the U.S. Senate.

I'm fully aware that the GOP doesn't even exist anymore. They are NOT the party of Lincoln. They are the Party of Sinkin' who are out to defend and protect the deep velvet lined pockets and shallow soul of the rich.

The only thing I am enjoying is the public flogging and disintegration of the Republican Party. The best shot they have is Trump or Cruz---who are both equally despised by their peers.

The GOP is done. They began to die the day PRESIDENT Obama was sworn in. The more they acted like racist assholes, the deeper they buried themselves in the shit hole. You don't like Romney...I mean Obamacare? You don't like abortions or same sex marriage? Live with it.

They are responsible for every single thing that is happening to them and all I can is good riddance. Thank you for doing my job.

And PS all of this was always THERE. It was just hidden by the Halloween Mask that comes with the costume of the pretend patriot with values.

Family values has always been the fake storefront for the small business owners of racism.

The only good here is that now everyone is exposed nudist colony style and there is no more covering up. Everything is genitals out there and no one gets to pretend that they are fully dressed with a smile.

The era of political balls out bullshit, lies and deception or over. Now it's all about saying exactly what you think or feel---no matter how astonishingly repellent it is.

Hey, it got David Duke out to stump for Trump.

In my own personal world, this extreme liberal conservative will vote for Hilary Clinton once...and a thousand times more in my soul because I personally think she is uniquely qualified if only for her lifetime of EXPERIENCE. Hanging out in the White House for some 16 years is good enough for me.

She is an aged hippie. An idealist who is also practical minded and supremely intelligent. I honestly don't give a fuck if she is warm and fuzzy or the grandmother of all time or bumbles with her email. God knows I have time and time again. It's called being human.

I want a tough minded President who many fear and others respect.

Trump is not even Deadpool: the single most crude, unfiltered superhero that everyone loves. He is Cesspool who has irresponsibly been playing the part of Donald Trump and taking maneuvers out of his buddy Howard Stern's playbook has been him into the King of All Idiots. The big difference is that Howard was in on the joke and we all knew that he knew.

The trouble here is Trump is ludicrously transparent to anyone with even a seventh grade education. We and every minority member in America know what's happening here.

But the armed fools, who wrap themselves in floor length confederate flags think this is all real. This is their voice speaking.

Have you not listened to those interviewed at his rallies? Collectively there is one tooth between them.

The truth is they are nothing more than a bunch of bitter racists who have always been there. Fox News has made a nice living doing exactly what Trump is doing now and it has kept their viewers properly enraged and empty.

Christian my ass.

I'm a Jew and I'm more Christian than any of them. And all that Ted Cruz GOP pandering to Jesus? You are defined by what you do and say, mother fucker, not by the supposed prayers that you do.

What we have here before us is an endless parade of buffoons who want desperately to create a brand so that they can make a buck by acting like Moonshine swilling/crazy ass Sarah Palin or the equally repugnant Koch Brothers.

So fuck them. Fuck this all.

I am done trying to be a nice, open minded liberal. I'm a conservative now. A lapsed liberal.

I'm a hawk and this is war.