A Public Confession of Failure

He was an elderly gentleman, a grandfather, who was articulate and intelligent on many of the topics we had talked about. At some point I commented that I thought the whole political campaign experience for both parties had turned rather vicious, cruel, and undignified. He then began to explain to me that he had had a very varied life. He had lived in a lot of different parts of the country. He had lived in Washington, D.C. for many years, and he said, " The whole damn place is full of crooks. They are all greedy people who do not do what they are supposed to do, but do only what profits them. The whole city is nothing but takers and power hungry people who do it for the money. What we need is some really smart business man who will come in and make things happen and get the job done. That is why Donald Trump is on my radar."

His comments, the rhetoric of the most of the Republican candidates, the rhetoric of Bernie Sanders all seem to focus on the same thing. Government is not working. Congress has done nothing to solve the great issues before the country. Many local and state governments have done very little but try to cut taxes and contain the rights of women, workers, and immigrants. Bernie Sander's campaign is a claim that government is not working because we need a revolution. The three leading Republicans have all built their appeal on being against the establishment, on being the outsider who can make a difference.

This whole election season seems to me to be a total confession of the failure of democracy. We the people have elected those leaders. We the people have had repeated chances to elect different people, and yet the incumbent seems to be returned election after election. The gridlock in Congress was the result of the 2010 election. We have elected the State governments and the local governments that we now dislike. This whole anti-government feeling has to be seen as a national confession of the failure of "government by the people." We have to bear the blame for what has happened to our government. Money may talk, but we have been bought. We have allowed the special interest groups to control our elected officials. We have believed what the money put on the T.V. ads.

The great question has to be why in the world do you believe that this election will be any better? If we have made poor choices and have elected the current gridlock at the national level and have accepted and voted for the governments we have at the local levels what evidence or hope do we have that the candidates we elect this year will be different? We are always championing the fact that America is a democracy and yet this year we seem to be trending towards wanting to vote in a kind of democracy dictator who will bring about a major revolution.