Read This Mom's Quick List Of Reasons Parents Really Need A Break

All the moms and dads deserve it.

An Australian blogger is inspiring moms everywhere to take a well-deserved “mum break.”

In a Facebook post on July 15, Constance Hall wrote about various tasks moms take on like doing loads of dishes and folding piles of laundry “toddlers will demolish immediately.” That’s not why mothers need a break from time to time though, according to Hall. She wrote that they deserve a break because of the “relentlessness.”

“Because knowing that tomorrow there will be 7 more piles of dishes today,” she wrote. “Because knowing that tonight, tomorrow night and every night for the foreseeable future...there will be no sleep again.”

Hall wrote that if moms aren’t worried about a “shit smear” on their clothes, they’re probably concerned with “spew chunks” or a “long stream of green snot.” And because of these various (and kind of hilarious) “failed attempts to adult” as Hall described them, moms truly deserve a break. Why? So they can “mum properly” and “love properly.”

All the moms and dads deserve it.

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