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A Quote A Day To Keep Grandma In Play

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By: Susan "Honey" Good

Many of us grandmothers are not able to be part of our grandchildren's lives for many reasons and unfortunately, not just distance. But distance is by far the largest denominator.

What can you do to stay consistently relevant in your Grands' lives?

Darlings, I accidentally, though there are no accidents, came up with a very meaningful and worthwhile way!


Here is my true story.

It happened a week ago. My ultimate concierge, my husband Shelly, has an old Rolodex of quotes. It is at least 50 years old! I took it over about 4 years ago, darlings, because I, like most of you, love quotes. It sits on my desk with its somewhat yellowed pages, from age, but its wise words in the ever present. Each day I read a quote!

Yesterday, I carried, my freshly brewed coffee in my French designed coffee cup, my Apple laptop and my little Rolodex of quotes into the den. I planned on writing my story with a quote, as I watched the sun come up in the East.

As I thumbed through the yellowed pages, I suddenly stopped! My eye caught sight of a quote that reminded me of a conversation I had with one of my Grands.

I said to myself,

"I have to text him this quote! It is so appropriate!"

And I did smiling to myself as I hit send. I sensed it would hit home. And, darlings, it did!

My Grand texted back.

"Honey, love the quote. Made me smile."

It was then I decided I would try and text him a meaningful quote and identified author five days a week.


This is the key to your project: Not just any quote, darlings!

Your goal must be to search for an insightful quote that will send a message to your Grand; a quote that they will fancy; ponder on, believe in, laugh about, reflect on and even brainstorm. You want it to be a loving and personal message from you.

This is a marvelous way, darlings, to be relevant in your Grands' lives. You will be their loving mentor, from afar. A quote a day keeps a grandma in play!!!!

You can stay connected with others, too. Send quotes to loved ones, friends and other family members.

Start those quotes flowing, darlings!

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