A Real Happy New Year

I am very happy this new year. I thank God to be alive again this day, and in this new year. At my core, the heart of my existence is Jesus Christ, God incarnate. I again give my whole life to God, through Jesus Christ. I am reminded that God is with me in every breath of air I breathe, because the air is filled with the Holy Spirit. Everywhere I look, I see God's Holy Spirit in His creation. There is nowhere that God is not!

As a human being, I am a part of God's creation, yet I am also human, and limited. I am material, even though I am Spirit-infused. Because I am material, I am bound by the limits of materiality. But that's a blessing.

I once thought that there was nothing more than me and what I had, and I looked only to material things, but I was constantly wanting more. There was not enough food to completely fill me. There was not enough money to completely buy all I wanted. There was not enough pleasure, or sex, or cigarettes, or substances to totally satisfy. All of the worldly materials were good, even wonderful -- but only to a point. I forever felt empty at my core. I wanted more.

I never sought after the real solution until I experienced limits, even the pain of dissatisfaction or disease (I once weighed over 400 pounds and was a compulsive eating food addict, and have had many illnesses because of it). It took being desperate, and visiting the edge of death to seek the final resort -- asking God to help me -- asking Him to show me the way.

Once I put myself aside and asked Him to take over and guide me, God did rescue me. God came to me through prayer, now many years ago, and again this day.

Today, I still pray for God to help, and to take me and guide me. I begin the new year with prayer, yet again, and thank God for this life. I keep the prayer going as best I can: "Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner," or just the Holy Name of God (Jesus Christ), or the Greek. "Kyrie Eleison" (Lord have mercy). It is prayer that is my connection, the doorway to God.

That makes me totally happy in this new year.

May God Bless you, your family, your friends, and your enemies, too.