A Refined Strategy for Teaching Millionaire Trading Success

Ever since I began teaching, I have dedicated myself to doing whatever it takes in order to be the best teacher I can be. After finding my own success in the trading work, I became truly passionate about the idea of teaching others to mimic my success and to use the same strategies I did to earn my millions. However, I quickly learned that teaching is about more than just leading by example, it is about developing the right approach and the right lesson plans that can actually help people learn, grow and thrive.

I am always working on refining my lessons and changing the way that I teach in order to better my students, and through this process, I have learned several lessons myself about what it really takes to find success in today's market. I have found that there are several guiding principles that really do hold true with all students, no matter who they are or what they are looking to achieve.

These principles include:

Hot picks are irrelevant. So many people think they just need the right "hot pick" in order to make it big in the stock market and start making money. This is simply not true. These "hot picks" are dangerous and they often will do more harm to your portfolio than good. When you think about it, by the time you hear about a "hot pick' as a "hot pick," it's probably too late to really get in on the action.

Learn to cut your losses. This is something that I talk to my students about almost on a daily basis. If you fail with a stock or are completely wrong about a stock, don't freeze or panic. Cut your losses and cut them quickly.

You always need a plan. I cannot emphasize this enough with my students. You need a plan in order to find success in trading and you need a plan in order to find success in teaching. Take the time to make a plan for what you are going to do with your investments, and stick to it. You may need to tweak and refine the process along the way, but a plan is an essential foundation towards your success.

Find an approach that works for you. Different trading patterns and different strategies are going to work best for different people. Not everyone can use the same strategy and not everyone is going to like the same strategy. You need to find one that utilizes your strengths and avoids your weaknesses.

Accept that you're going to be wrong. No trader is always right all of the time. It just doesn't happen. My best trading students are wrong a lot and I am wrong a lot. It is part of the market and something that you need to be willing to accept and something that need to get used to.

Throughout my time teaching others, I have not only managed to learn from my own successes and my own mistakes, but I have learned from the successes and mistakes of others as well and found that these principles truly can guide any trader towards the successful future they have been looking for.