Why You Should Feel Bad About Your "Sexy" Donald Trump Halloween Costume

Every year adult Halloween costumes emerge that are somewhere between sexy and inappropriate. For every sexy Harley Quinn we'll get a sexy Donald Trump. These strange attempts at humor, sometimes masked as "social commentary", almost always border on offensive. So folks, this is your reminder that Halloween isn't a free ticket to act like an insensitive asshole.

The above video from Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues shows the dangers of such cultural appropriation. It's a great PSA for all of the white dudes out there thinking about dressing up as Samuel L Jackson.

If you're thinking about wearing black face: don't. If you're thinking about appropriating another culture just because it's Halloween: don't. It's not funny. And if you're thinking about going as the Jared Leto joker this year: please, for the love of god, spare us. Not because it's racist, but because it makes you look like an asshole.

Stay safe out there this weekend folks, and don't be Julianne Hough.