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A Request for Mr. or Mrs. Soon-to-be President

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I, as a citizen
of the United States
and as a parent
of small children
have a simple request
for Mr or Mrs
Soon-to-be President

It is about leading a country

Start now.

Show our children the power of dignity


Presidential hopefuls
go ahead and
show us some grace

and watch it trickle down
into the world

Take your power
to be heard
and say something

We need it

We are all scared
and tired
bombarded with information
and hoping for change
for magic
but we will accept
and crave
the truth behind your words

Please think of my children
when you spout nastiness at each other
as I teach them of the power of sportsmanship
and you show them that it doesn't exist

Mr or Mrs Soon-to-be President
please show my children how to be diplomatic
how to speak your beliefs
without stomping on the beliefs of others

When you debate
base it on facts
Not on your friend's latest post on Facebook

Don't have a Twitter war
with another candidate
we call that cyber bullying now

Prove to the world
that you are the best person
for the job.
without knocking down
those around you to do it.

I know. A ridiculous concept.
one that is difficult
for my young children to grasp
but I still try
to teach it to them

To build themselves up
without knocking others down

To find their own strength
and their own power
by focusing on themselves

Not by pointing their fingers at others
and saying
"but you are this"
"but you did this"
"but you..."
"but you..."

Stand up
presidential hopefuls
stand up
and give us something
to cheer about

Say "I will"
and mean it

Say "I am"
and show it

Start here

Start now

You be the beginning.

Give us honesty
Give us dignity
Give us a fight
that is worthy of a leader

And then watch
how it
trickles down into the world