A Responds Casually... Entry 13

Continued from Entry 12

We go to another of Tarns fabulous restaurant choices. Tarn and A have long conversations in Thai. I sit silently with a smile frozen on my face. I don't know how to enter the conversation and I figure if Tarn wanted me to say anything she would include me. But she doesn't so I just continue to grin like I am having the time of my life. We head home, but first drop A off at her hotel.
Tomorrow is Christians first birthday and I have brought him clothes and gifts. Tarn and I go buy a garish blue frosted birthday cake, with what looks like Mighty Mouse on it and plan the menu for the grownups. She has invited all the guys from Hot Man Gym, one of her many businesses, and I have been asked to make quinoa with fresh veggies. I am happy to oblige. Adam arrives and even though he and Tarn have separated he is sweet but seems concerned about his health. A arrives 2 hours late. She is sweating profusely. She does not eat with us but takes a piece of cake and sits with the baby. Later we see that she has posted pictures of her and Christian and the cake minus one other person. As if the party and cake were hers and Christians alone. Okay.
After everybody leaves and it is just Tarn, A, and myself, Julie and Christian having gone to bed, we stay up drinking sweet wine and talking like 3 girls just chatting and having a good time. And we are speaking English. Tarn orders in some food and at 11:30 A gets ready to leave. She has called a taxi and is saying good -by. She looks down at the baby sleeping , smiles and walks to the door. I beat her out the door, throw my arms around her and tell her I love her. Not one word has been said about Christian coming to the US. Or with her back to Surin City.


The next day is my last day in Bangkok and we are going to Temple to pray for Josh. A could not make it to Temple as her work was terribly important and she could not take any more time off. Hmmmm. It is at this point that Tarn said to A: Why do you not let me(Tarn) take care of Christian? Julie is here and you could save some money and he will be well cared for. "Sure, why not?" replied A . And that was that. A responded with such casualness that I am stunned. What kind of mother.....???Christian would stay with Josh's ex whom A had despised and was jealous of. I am so very happy. Things are falling into a place I didn't know could have existed!
I woke up at 7AM the next morning to prepare for Temple and slip in the shower. My left leg is twisted behind me and I am pretty sure I have done myself some serious harm.
I am coming down with something. I slipped getting out of the car going to see the baby and now this. Is there a message I am refusing to pick up? I hobble and limp through the service, find momentary peace listening to the Monks chanting, and then we leave for Childrens Hospital. Christian awoke with a fever and he has what I call 'the sickly eyes'. Tired little glazed over red eyes kids get when they are sick. The doctor expectorates him and while I am worried for Christian, I am amazed at this Childrens Hospital. We could take a lesson. It is bright and very clean with staff in blue suits, nurses in uniforms, doctors in white lab coats with neckties and everything is run ship shape. And the childrens play house! Huge and brightly colored. There is a car kids can ride in with a giant handle for parents to push as their kids are called in for their appointments. We are in and out in 40 min. I go to pay for the visit and the medicine for Christian; $55.00. Thank you very much.
And for the next four months this is where Christian has been living, with Tarn and nannie Julie in Tarns house in Bangkok. A visits her son not once.

To be continued.....