A Response From One Conscious Woman Rising to Eric Garner's Death


I was moved to write this after spending a day with a client who is a rising leader for women's emotional wellness. As I'm on the treadmill, I see the video and then, people gathering in the streets. I message my friend back in Jersey and she writes to me, "You should write about this, people will listen to you."

Here is my response.






We the white people.

We the black people.

"The criminal."

"The murderer."

One person shows up. Another follows. And then there were thousands.

Lights, cameras, action.

I am damn proud and moved by the American people coming together and standing up for their truth. Inspiring.

"I can't breathe" was a signal from a man being robbed of his own natural power.

Now this signal "I can't breathe" is being chanted in the streets and bodies are laying flat. The cry of an open wound has stung the perplexed minds of the American people who are asking themselves, "How can this be?"

It is clear, in this moment, that the human spirit has taken over and its voice is a force to be reckoned with.

A voice powered by an overwhelming connection to Eric Garner's pain -- and believe it or not, the pain within the men involved in Garner's death.

This same pain matches the pain that lives within us all.

And this pain is a source of action -- one that leads us to either choose in love or in fear.

If we choose in fear it will continually leave us stuck, perpetuating the same experience over and over.

Action out of fear is one that keeps you and humanity bound.

Action out of love is voicing your truth and setting yourself free.

This means loving your pain, anger, judgment, tension, rage and letting it be your ally so chaos can no longer be the movement.

So what will you do with your pain?

It is evident that when truth is at stake we come together. Even people who don't know why they are following the crowd, do, because the human spirit has showed up to the plate.

Truth is, Eric Garner is one of thousands of people violated and killed every day in the world.

Truth is vulnerable.

And yes, scary, when we are left with it staring us in the face when no one else is around.

Truth is, your truth never goes away.

It is always present.

It is always alive.

But we must be willing to see it and light it's flame.

ONE individual can make a difference. We all know that.

But let it be known that a flame has been lit, because the human spirit has taken a stand inside so many as a signal for you to step toward your own truth.

Eric Garner's death (and my sincere condolences go out to his family) has created a movement of unwavering spirit that is here for us to embrace.

Now with this fresh, open wound in the "city that never sleeps" we have an opportunity to never fall asleep again and become conscious to our own source of power that gives us life to speak and act in truth that sets every person free.

So we must all (including those police officers) come together and learn to no longer be victims, but choose forgiveness of our fear in this moment and harness a greater human spirit to lead us into greater peace.

As Mayor Bill De Blasio said, "We have to address this now and we can't stop. We have to act."

I believe this is a coming out party -- an evolution of the human spirit of this generation---- with greater technology and resources than we've ever had to make real change.

So what's next?

How can we harness the human spirit and meet it for positive change?

It is the responsibility of every individual (myself included) to recognize our own hate, greed, anger, resentment and know this is fear within ourselves and to choose something different that will set you and the next person free.

Give your pain a purpose and trust your truth, so that no man, woman, or child may ever be persecuted by fear.

Let's not take two steps back, but lean forward and embrace vulnerability with passion.

If there is even an ounce of giving into fear--then we stay in the spin that leads to chaos.

4 Action Steps to Take Today

1. Light a candle for Eric Garner's pain.

2. Light a candle for the pain of the police officers involved.

3. Light a candle for the pain of all affected -- Garner's family, protestors, and everyone on and off the streets.

4. Light a candle for yourself that you may never give into fear but rise into action with your truth.

You have a power beyond the fear that caused Eric Garner's death.

Give your truth a voice and remember to send love to those who are unconscious and stuck in fear.

Choose to love your fear, turn the unconscious into conscious by voicing your truth, and take action as an empowered being.

Change is happening.

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