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A Return To Sabbath Minus The Guilt

Sunday. The Lord's Day.
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The Lord's Day.

These words follow me around like a puppy, tugging at my pant leg. They want my full attention. They want to play.

"I don't have time," I say. "Nobody really has that kind of time these days."

But isn't that precisely why I need to lean in and listen ever so closely? Learning what they reveal, rather than assuming they aren't relevant and realistic in this culture? In my life?

"Yes." I decide, "I do need to lean in and listen." Number four can't be the only commandment that doesn't pertain to me.

So I stop my task and ask... on the pages of my journal.

Dear God, on the 7th day it says "you rested. You rested from all your work." So what did you do on the 7th day? I'm guessing you didn't clean out closets or your garage. I'm guessing you didn't sit mindlessly in front of the television or play video games all day. I wasn't there, but I'm guessing you didn't go to church.

So what did you do? We are doers down here need to know is- Why Sabbath? Why did You- sovereign, omnipotent, tireless Creator- rest?

And from the tip of my pen poured wisdom. Call it what you want, I call it Spirit...

To respect and restore the original settings. Eden settings.

What was there to do in Eden?

Be with God.

Walk and talk and love and laugh and be. There was no separation yet. No hardships. They labored, but there was no toil. No clothes to wash, because clearly, they were naked and felt no shame.





What is and/or is not okay on Sabbath is not the point.

Jesus said, "

The point is this- what feels like Eden to our souls?

What feels as close to perfect as we can imagine in our imperfect world?

When we answer that for ourselves, we will understand the true meaning of Sabbath. This requires our imaginations- To think of Eden. Our very own space where we walk and talk and love and laugh with The King of Kings.

If our hearts leap at the very thought of our Sabbath activities (and it's not breaking one of the other 9 commandments of course), then Eden worthy it is.

If you love to cook, cook!
If you love to clean, clean!
If you love to garden, garden!
If you love to ride bikes, ride!
If you love to watch the Broncos, watch! (That one's for me.)
If you love to run, run!
If you love to read, read!
If you love to write, write!
If you love to sleep, sleep!
If you love to study, study!
If you love to sit under a tree, sit!
If you love to drink coffee with friend, drink!
If you love to go to church, go!

You get it.
But really, if it feels like toil, it doesn't need to be done on your Sabbath.

Sabbath is about your restoration; not you're further deterioration because you simply refuse to believe the world will cave in on itself without you. Friend- the world will be okay for a bit.

The key to your sacred Sabbath is joy in The Lord.

Here's to Sabbath... whenever and however your Sabbath unfolds.


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