A Roadmap to Wellness Program Success [Infographic]

Your employee wellness program probably has a lot of great things to offer. Sometimes your employees need a little direction when it comes to engaging with all the different pieces.

Providing the right kind of direction can help you ensure your employees get the most of the program. This type of roadmap can really empower your employees not only to make healthy progress, but to think positively about your wellness program. Those thoughts lead to positive communication about the program among your workforce, and ultimately an even greater increase in employee engagement.

This infographic is a great tool to share with your employees to provide that direction. It's a clear roadmap for success in a wellness program. It's specific enough to guide your employees' health journeys. It's also general enough that each step can apply to each and every employee at your company. Click on the image to zoom in and follow along!


Help your employees reach their full wellness potential. Share this infographic with your workforce to help guide them from learning their baseline health metrics to participating in wellness events to becoming a wellness champion.

How have you encouraged wellness success where you work? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!