A Secret Truth About Money That Could Set You Free

Money. Finances. Wealth. Abundance.

No matter how much you have or do not have, you can't get away from it. It is part of life. We ALL have a schtick with money.

Money requires being paid... attention to.

There is Camp One: The "I don't have enough -- I need to work my butt off -- I'm not good enough for it -- why is money so elusive, out of reach and just plain hard for me?"

Then there is Camp Two: "I have it, yet I don't trust myself with it. I have it yet it never feels like enough, I have it and it makes me better/worse than you. I have it and I want to prove to you I'm good enough because of it. I have it yet I don't do anything with it that is inspiring -- I just spend it."

Mistakenly, every day we look towards it to save us. We hope that eventually it will be easier. We hope if we work hard enough, we'll have more of it. We hope we will be rewarded. Or we hope we can just buy our way into a fulfilling life.

Why does this matter?

Money is a supreme teacher for so many humans, Westerners in particular.

To play out worth issues.

To play out victim issues.

To play out helplessness.

To play out superiority.

To play out our fragile persona's attempts at proving our value.

To play out immature fantasies that childishly demand $10k land on our doorstep is we will it.

The truth is, money is here to help us wake up to our higher nature, our true self.

I was once poverty level (I'm talking dumpster diving, food stamp, taking-bottles-back-to-the-store broke) and am now wealthier than I could have imagined as a child (and I use the word wealth to also include the many forms of riches I receive daily).

Therefore, I have learned a thing or two about the game of money.

The outer game -- our work, our service that provides value in the world, our ability to earn good money as a byproduct of being part of the sum total of positive contribution on the planet.

The inner game -- transforming our inner attitudes and assumptions, grasping shifts to allowing, repelling turns into receiving, doubting becomes creating, we reside in our worth and value as expressed in our very nature as divine beings

I am so fiercely passionate about the role that AUTHENTICITY, VALUES and INTEGRITY play in wealth creation that is filled with substance, heart and meaning that I devoted this blog to it.

I know for a fact that these are key foundations for our ability to stand forward as leaders in our own lives and lead others into their greatness as well.

Life gets so much better when we get on our own side with money.

Suffering eases when we allow ourselves to receive of our own creative genius and create a kick-ass product/service/program as a result and confidently stand behind it.

I see the world needs more people that are grounded in their Truth - not ego truth but Soul Truth - and who also serve powerfully and have healthy relationships with money.

Are you one of the way-showers? Are you one of the dreamers who knows that you have more inside of you seeking expression?

If so, the invitation is to make peace with money. It is here to help us grow. It is an access point to giving back, creating opportunity.

Today, I invite you to soften your approach towards money and thank it for what it is here to show you.