A Secular Revolution

We need a secular revolution. The crazies are trying to suck us into an unwinnable, apocalyptic war. We must fight back at all costs to make sure this war doesn't start.

On the one side, we have fundamentalist Muslims flipping out over some goddamn cartoons. Is Islam so weak that it can't take a joke? Is the essence of Islam so fragile that it can't withstand a light-hearted challenge?

I do not believe that any of the major religions are true. You can draw any damn cartoon you like about my beliefs and it isn't going to affect them one bit. They are not based on your perceptions, they are based on reality. If the only way Islam can succeed is by barring any challenge to its beliefs, even if it is in the form of a mild jest, then its truth is pathetically weak.

The same is true is of Christians who take great umbrage at any disrespectful depiction of their Gods and prophets. Why do you care? Presumably, we -- agnostics and cartoonists -- will all burn in hell and then you shall have your pound of flesh. Are you unsure of that? Do you feel that the only way to beat us in a war of ideas is to shut us up physically?

Are all you religious fundamentalists so unsure of your so-called eternal truths that you cannot dare defend them with ideas? You must resort to violence or legal strictures because you have neither intellect nor facts on your side. Certainly, the Muslims rioting throughout the world this past week have proven this. They must resort to violence because they are ideologically bankrupt.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I just saw a program on Fox News Channel (Heartland with John Kasich) that said on three occasions that a military confrontation with Iran was "inevitable." They had two "experts" on who said the Iranians understand nothing but violence -- and that's why we must bomb them. They said this without a hint of irony.

We shake our heads in disgust and disbelief here in America as we see Muslims resorting to violence throughout the world. At the same time, we plan greater violence without any recognition of our hypocrisy. Are air-strikes with thousand-pound bombs not violent?

There isn't a country in the world I would less like to have a nuclear weapon than Iran. I fully support taking them to the Security Council for violations of nuclear pacts. But bombing them now is a recipe for utter disaster. If you thought Muslims worldwide were pissed about a cartoon, wait till you see them after we invade another Muslim country.

This will only strengthen the hand of the Shiite fundamentalists running Iran now. They will rally all Iranians around their flag and wipe out the nascent democratic movement in that country. The conservatives in this country will do likewise. They will claim the President must be supported during wartime, more liberties must be suppressed and dissent must not be tolerated.

This is how we get sucked into wars.

There are fundamentalists on both sides who are actively looking forward to Armageddon, where they think their prophet will come back and save them and kill every one else. These people are absolutely crazy. But we treat them with kid gloves for fear of offending their maniacal religions.

What kind of a "faith" involves wiping almost all of humanity at the end by a vengeful God who punishes His children for not following His inane rules (which He knew they couldn't follow when He created them)?

The moderates who believe in rational secularism must band together to fight the fundamentalists on both sides. If we don't, they are going to drag us into endless wars to fulfill their sick prophecies. Except, there isn't going to be a shining knight in armor at the end who saves humanity. There's just going to be a whole lot of dead people.

The United States already has plans for a first-strike nuclear attack on any country that is "intending to use WMD." That is so dangerously vague and foolhardy. Yet there is no internal challenge. You think these guys in the Bush administration won't pull the trigger? Especially as the 2006 elections are coming up and their only hope is to appear strong and hide behind another war. What would lead you to believe that they have any restraint whatsoever?

Iran threatens to build nuclear weapons. The US attacks in order to preempt a WMD program in Iran. The fundamentalist government in Iran wins. The Bush administration believes they win on a political and ideological level (they still believe the neo-con foolishness about bombing the Middle East into America-friendly democracies).

And the rest of us all lose. We are the ones stuck fighting this war of madness.

When I see the riots all over the world on television and I see our own government getting ready for more unnecessary wars, I realize we live in world full of cavemen. It's scary how many weapons we have and how little sense.

God save us from your followers. Better yet, instead of waiting around for Him, let's get rid of our fundamentalist leaders, and for a change, choose people who believe in reason and moderation. Is that too much to ask?