A Serious Thank You Note to Jon Stewart & The Daily Show #Charleston

Dear Mr. Stewart and the Daily Show,

Thank you. Before watching your monologue this morning I was numb. Perhaps it was after the Walter Scott video was shown over and over again or the pending repeat of the Parsley Massacre in the Dominican Republic. I wanted to but I couldn't feel anything after twitter notified me of the deaths of 9 praying Black Americans. I grew up in a church much like Emanuel yet could not grant myself access to sadness. But you helped me get there. Thank you.

Your sadness, disgust, anger, disdain and willingness to name the elephant in the $&@"$;!/@ room and point majority culture towards it was the door I needed to enter my own hopelessness and sorrow. So, thank you for leveraging your platform not just to joke but point those with power and privilege towards a better way of living life. A way that actually makes space for those pressed further into the margins.

If you actually read this, I would love for you to answer a question. Where did you learn to lament? Who taught you to empathize and come alongside marginalized communities in their grief, pain, struggle, and utter desolation. I am a follower of Jesus and I long to lead people well. And it would be a privilege of mine if you would tell me the source of your compassion, the beginnings of your empathy and the origin of the resurrection power that gives you hope. Being a missionary here in New York, stories of hope is what keeps me going. And hearing yours would be a gift.

Your last show is August 6 and that day again I will grieve again. Because unfortunate statistics say two unarmed black men will be killed that day and I won't be able to hear what you have to say the next morning. And that will be tragic too.

So I hope we're friends on August 7th and we can cry and then talk about how next to look into abyss, respond with forgiveness and love and lead others to do the same.