These Quintuplets All Work Together At McDonald's -- Family Style

It's one big happy meal.

This McDonald’s has the most tight-knit staff ever. 

A set of 18-year-old quintuplets ― Leith, Lauren, Logan, Lindsey and Lucas Curtis ― are all part-time employees at a McDonald’s in Potterville, Michigan, according to MLive. 

And sibling rivalry never gets in the way.

“The thing that’s so impressive about them is just how positive their attitudes are and how well they’re working together,” Renee Draves, owner and operator of that McDonald’s restaurant, told ABC News. 

The siblings work in a variety of areas at the restaurant. Lauren’s in charge of the lobby, Lindsey’s stationed at the register, and the brothers cook in the kitchen, MLive reported. And working together definitely has its benefits.

“They’ve been able to train each other. They’re phenomenal,” Draves said.

The siblings, who aren’t identical, joined the establishment so they can save up for college, their mother, Lori, told ABC News. Lucas and Lauren were the first of the Curtises to start at McDonald’s, MLive noted. Leith followed and Lindsey and Logan joined the crew shortly after. 

“It’s cool that I can rely on my siblings to get our work done and collaborate with them at work,” Lucas told MLive. 

Basically, they’re lovin’ it.