A Shift in Seeing -- A Renaissance Period for Job Creation

While driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, I was struck by the wonderful homes that sit on the points overseeing "the views". My thoughts are, "Were they lucky enough to inherit the property or did they "see", before most, that this was a place to build. Did they "see" a view most missed or are afraid to claim? Was there always a view to take in and has it just been waiting to be seen?"

There is always something that moves us to the edge before we see its beauty and the vantage point it allows. Be it the economy, divorce, death of a loved one, loss of job, lack of resources, many won't look out, over the edge, because they can't see anything except -- endlessness. Infinity. Many live on the edge today and are not comfortable living there. Feeling moved to the edge by circumstances of the times and what seems beyond their control, they are looking for ways to move back to the inlands where things seemed more comfortable and secure.

There are those who are thought to be crazy to build at the edge of the cliff. They take the chance anyway and enjoyed the view while the majority only imagine or dream about how it would be to live there. Those who have the courage to recognize the view the edge presents are called dreamers, entrepreneurs, explorers, artists.

What can we do with Infinity? It is the blank canvas an artist works with. It is the horizon the explorer moves towards, the dream an entrepreneur holds in their heart and the thought a creator knows because it was thought. It is time for a Renaissance: A period where all that are on the edge, whatever moved us there, will choose to turn and take in the view. A time to oversee the expanse, Infinity, and thank God, Light, Source, we have been given a clean slate with which to create.

All I can say is, "Welcome neighbor. Welcome to what may seem to have been the most expensive property in the world. Welcome to the beach front property, on the edge of freedom. Now that you're here, what are we going to build?"