A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Get Right Band's Large and in "Charge;" CT's Kalimur "Fires Away"

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Get Right Band's Large and in "Charge;" CT's Kalimur "Fires Away"
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It seemed fitting that the room The Get Right Band filmed their A-Sides session in - a studio at the Music Conservatory of Westchester in White Plains, NY - featured a giant green wall. Staring at the wall, I imaged using it as a green screen and superimposing Frankie Avalon movies or a toking Bob Marley in the background as the Asheville band played their rockin' reggae and folk-fused rock tunes. But, alas I have no budget so the session went on with the band and their music. What else can you ask for really?

The Get Right Band are the type of performers that you just know will break out. Their songs are infectious and take you immediately to a very happy place. I challenge you to not move your hips while listening to any of their songs. If you do, by the way, make sure you're not driving. But, the pep has substance. It's not empty calories here. The lyrics are smart and bear weight. Their musical mix of Caribbean-meet-the-states swag is on full display on their brand spankin' new album Who's in Charge?

As mentioned, the band - guitarist/vocalist Silas Durocher, bassist Jesse Gentry, and drummer Jian-Claude Mears performed for us and sat down for a chat. Watch it all below (filmed by Alye Bea Carlevaro) and ride their wave to success.

Like The Get Right Band, the Connecticut and New York City band Kalimur are a trio who make uplifting pop-rock music that's hard not to like. Ironically, the songs, most of which were written by piano/keyboard-playing frontman Brett Steinberg, mean something even though their band name means nothing at all. As it states on the band's website "The word 'Kalimur' inherently...draws meaning from the music and experiences between the band and fans. I'm confused but it doesn't matter. Check our their second album Redemption which just dropped. Last month at the Conservatory, and also filmed by Carlevaro, Steinberg sans guitarist Alex Trouern-Trend and drummer Jonah Propfe performed two tracks on piano. Watch 'em below.

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