A-Sides with Jon Chattman: SomeKindaWonderful Put Their Thing Down, Flip It, and "Reverse It"; Katy Tiz Comes Up "Big"

Some Kind of Wonderful is one of 80s movie-master John Hughes' underrated films. The movie is fun, romantic, and - more importantly - introduced me to tom-boy beauty cutie Mary Stuart Masterson. On a related note, that film's title was also a Grand Funk Railroad hit that still resonates, but a new band who shares a variation on that name and phrase is quickly making me forget about the two.

SomeKindaWonderful released their self-titled last month, and it ranks as one of the best debuts I've heard in quite awhile. The L.A.-based band (Matt Gibson, Steve Basil, Jordy Towers, Ben Schigel, and Sarah Dyer) are already fully realized, confident, and make merging genres sound as easy as an egg in a blender. I have no clue what that analogy means (nor do you), but let's get back to the band. Their first single "Reverse" has sort of a Pulp Fiction feel to it lyrically. In other words, the song isn't exactly told chronologically. Yep, it's actually told backwards. (Thankfully, John Travolta doesn't get shot outside a bathroom during the lyrics.)

The alt-rock with some rap and soul single is one of the hottest of the summer, and should fairly soon work its way to the top of the rock charts.It's probably there already. It's inevitable - like July ending. Off topic, July is a long month with 31 days but it flies by faster than February. Why is that? It's so unfair. Maybe I'll ask SomeKindaWonderful to write a song about it. On second thought, maybe I'll just get back to this post, finished it up, and then weep. So, yes the song is sizzling. Soundcloud, Spotify, and Pandora are loving the hell out of the single. It's a smash on iTunes Alt Chart, and SiriusXM Alt Nation to name two, and I was fortunate to have the band perform it live for A-Sides last week in White Plains, NY. Watch that, and an amazingly unique cover of Tupac and Dr. Dre's "California Love," below followed by an interview that runs too long but I refused to edit. Oh, and I should say the band, who met in Ohio, have been touring all summer long and will hit the road this fall with New Politics and Bad Suns.

Like SomeKindaWonderful, Katy Tiz seems poised to break out like a pimple on a hairy man's back. Tiz has enjoyed significant airplay this year with her Top 40 cover of Rock Mafia's "The Big Bang," and have a listen to her sound and, well just look at her, and it's no wonder there's more buzz surrounding her than a bee at a bee convention. Enough of the bad analogies - let's get to it. "The Big Bang" landed the singer/songwriter a place on Clear Channel/iHeart Radio's debut un-signed "On The Verge Artist" in March. She was gobbled up by Atlantic Records a month later. On July 16, the rising star performed at a private gig at the Mondrian Soho in Manhattan, and let A-Sides capture two tracks. She also sat down for a chat where she discussed her upcoming album, her personal growth, and putting together an all-female Expendables cast which must be put into pre-production stat. Watch the songs and interview below, both of which were filmed by wearepopstudios.com.

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