A-Sides with Jon Chattman : Valentine's Day Themed "5 For Fighting"; Meet the "Evergreen" Hannah Gill

By a show of hands, who hasn't gotten pregnant listening to a Five for Fighting song? [Pauses] That's what I thought. Anyway, since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, it's time for that old A-Sides column-within-a-column -- 5 for Fighting... with Five for Fighting: Valentine's Day Edition. Read on, and thanks again John Ondransik for being a good sport and helping me to cut down on my therapy bills via this running gag -- well, almost.

An album of yours was called Bookmarks. Do you still use bookmarks? Does anyone?
Yes, everyone does, on their browser. "A-Sides" is my favorite.

Aw, thanks man. Valentine's Day is approaching. Which one of your songs do you introduce at a concert as... "something for the lovers" ?
A song called "Love Song." It's about divorce. It's my wife's favorite song. Uh...

Your song "The Riddle" isn't a riddle at all. It's faulty advertising to me. Explain yourself.
There are riddles, there are riddles within riddles, and there are riddlers. I am all and none of those. Who am I?

Batman? I hear you're working on a new album. Should Chamillionaire be worried?
I prefer Earl Grey like my mentor Jean Luc Picard. I have postponed record making to hit the campaign trail with Rand Paul's hair. All joking aside, I have many more millions than Cham. Does that make me a Jillionaire?

Lastly, why hasn't anyone parodied a Weird Al Yankovic parody?
Because we live in, as Bill Maher said, "A Pussy Nation"... Vive La France!

By the time I hit 17, I had no clue what I wanted to be when I "grew up." My focus was simply on graduating high school, going onto college, and then perhaps becoming a film critic. Good luck with that, past self. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because Hannah Gill has her stuff together. Whereas my main focus at 17 was probably defeating the latest Super Mario Bros. game, she's focused on her music career, which is already flourishing thanks to her edgy vocals and confidence. Gill just dropped a self-titled EP and her cover of mega-fantastic Hozier's "Take Me to Church" is killing it on the Interwebs. Filmed by Yale Goodman at Rockwood in NYC.


A-Sides "Delve Into Twelve" Countdown
Each week A-Sides unleashes its Top 12 tracks of the week AKA the "Delve Into Twelve" based on the following contributing factors: songs I'm playing out that particular week NO MATTER WHEN THEY WERE RELEASED (think overlooked songs, unreleased tracks, and old favorites), songs various publicists are trying to get me to listen to that I did and dug a bunch, posts and trends I've noticed on my friends' Facebook walls, and -- most importantly:

12. "No Cities to Love" (debut) - Sleater-Kinney
11. "Hypnotic" (debut) - Zella Day
10. "Mess is Mine" (LW-8) - Vance Joy (Watch his exclusive performance of the song for A-Sides here!)
9. "Black Soap" (debut) - Ex Cops
8. "Black Mambo" (LW-10) - Glass Animals
7. "Call My Name" (LW-11) - HAERTS
6. "Somebody New" (LW-3) - Joywave
5. "Electric Love" (debut) - B0RNS
4. "A Rush of Blood" (debut) - Coasts
3. "Push Pull" (LW-2) - Purity Ring
2. "Karaoke" (LW-5) - Smallpools
1. "Lampshades on Fire" (LW-1) - Modest Mouse

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