A-Sides With Jon Chattman: One Month Later, Savannah Stopover Still Resonates

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Sometimes it's OK to be yesterday's news... even in this now-now-now world! As we find ourselves between Coachella weekends and the SXSW hangover has subsided, I wanted to drop some props to the 5th Annual Savannah Stopover Music Festival, which killed it from March 5-7 with 100 artists performing in just three days. As was the case last year, photographer/videographer Jon Graham was there to capture some exclusive performances from a bunch of artists for A-Sides, and they're all pretty darn swell. Watch below (all were filmed at the Stopover Artists' Lounge on West Broughton St. except the Parlour Tricks, which was at Warren Square) and enjoy yesterday's news, which is very relevant right this second.

There's a joke here since the winter was brutal but I won't go there. Penicillin Baby (including fearless leader Jon Conant of Oklahoma) delivers some trippy cool vibes. Enjoy the above shall you? You shall, and doesn't grammar rock?

We go from penicillin to diarrhea, which go hand and hand sometimes. Diarrhea Planet nailed "Ugliest Son" at the Stopover. It should come as no surprise considering all this delightfully-loud jam band does is tour and record.

Parlour Tricks

Village Voice gave this band some love as Best Pop Band in New York last year, and it's no wonder why. Formerly Lily & The Parlour Tricks, there's some rugged pop goodness going on. Just take a look at the video below, and send me an email of thanks.

Rocco Deluca
Watch this veteran musicians give off her trademark blues-rock feel with "Colors Of The Cold"
, which has absolutely nothing to do with the song "Colors of the Wind." That said, the So Cal stud paints a pretty damn good picture.

Young Buffalo

This indie rock band from Oxford, Mississippi consisting of Ben Yarbrough and Jim Barrett has all the right feels. Watch them perform "Man In Your Dreams" here.

Tall Tall Trees

Oh, the banjo. You're so much more than a Deliverance joke. Anyway, catch Mike Savino/Tall Tall Trees crush "How Did It Get Dark So Fast" right here.

Southern Culture On The Skids

Watch the Chapel Hill veterans raise their "Freak Flag" high.
The band AKA SCOTS consists of Rick Miller, Dave Hartman, and Mary Huff.

This New York singer/songwriter's music is poignant. Away from the mic, she's a trip - case in point her first album is called: Emilyn Brodsky's Greatest Tits. Here's "Any Other Way" for your listening pleasure.

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