A-Sides With Jon Chattman: Blitz Kids' "Keep Swinging"; Emily Hearn Set to Erupt

Your eyes are deceiving you. In the videos embedded below, rising UK band Blitz Kids perform a track and sit down for a chat for A-Sides in arguably the cleanest NYC subway car you've ever seen. They run free, sit or sing calmly and literally don't go anywhere. Yep, this car doesn't actually run, have a bad case of B.O. nor come equipped with dozens upon dozens of people invading your space.
Speaking of space, the subway non-line lives within YouTube Space NYC, and like the band on the empty car, it's dope.

Blitz Kids Since the release of their recent Red Bull Records debut The Good Youth , the band have collected more buzz than your large-and-not-quite-in-charge frat brother on a bender. They just finished a stint at SXSW, and have already toured with Mayday Parade, All Time Low and Taking Back Sunday to name a few. That's to a bad way to start a career. Anyway, let's get back to the start and watch these videos shall we? Watch "Keep Swinging," the interview, and crave a little less congestion on your next subway ride.

"Keep Swinging"

It's so easy when you're a singer/songwriter to just get thrown into a pot of "singer/songwriters" and stay there without rising above the pack. Not Emily Hearn. "Nah-uh" as the kids on my block used to say. The budding star recently released her second album Hourglass and it's getting so much praise, I should just shut up and re-paste all the positive remarks. But, of course, I won't. I'll just tell you that Hearn has drawn comparisons to Taylor Swift, has been singled out for her pop-infused folk with a hint of country vocals and honest song lyrics. But there's proof she's about to hit it big -- her album hit #5 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart, and Billboard just praised her track "Volcano." Before we move on, I'd like to point out someone complimented me on my haircut today. So there, Hearn! Game. Set. Match.

In addition to all this love for Hourglass, Hearn's love -- performs with bassist husband Michael Harrison, and he's written tracks on the album. It'd be all mushy if she weren't so talented. Anyway, at the A-Sides Studio within Primary Wave in New York City, she performed a pair of tracks and sat down for a lovely interview. Watch it below, and catch her on the road with Tyrone Wells.


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