A-Sides with Jon Chattman: No "Pity" Please, Melanie Martinez is a Star

The Voice just picked up another Primetime Emmy this week, and while critics and audiences love it, the biggest dig at the show has always been its failure to launch a successful music career. To that, I channel my inner heel-turn Willy Wonka and say, "Good day, sir!" Did anyone get that reference? I hope so. Anyway, Melanie Martinez's career got a nice boost a few years back by appearing on that show, but ever since, she's carved a niche in the industry and the recent release of her debut album Cry Baby is clearly going to keep her around long after Blake and Adam retire their chair turns for good. Oh, and that's all I'm going to say about The Voice.

Right out of the gate, her long-awaited Cry Baby LP scored on the Billboard 200 (#6) and came in at #5 at the Top Albums chart. It also placed #1 on iTunes Top Alternative Albums via its hefty dose of pre-orders. Numbers, while impressive, aside, there's been this buzz around the Long Island native (and YouTube sensation) for two years now since she released The Dollhouse EP (it helped her song "Carousel" was in the trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show. Her debut full-length album, by the way, has also generated a whole lotta love from everyone from New York Newsday to SPIN. But, enough.

Let's get to the performances she did once again for A-Sides earlier this month, and an exclusive interview she did for A-Sides over the summer. Watch the talent instead of me talking more about it. I could go into her unique style, looks, and everything else, but just watch it. It's all just so evidently there. Oh, and catch her on the road, will you?

"Pity Party"

To watch her exclusive performance of "Soap," exclusive A-Sides interview, and this week's "Delve Into Twelve" countdown, click this linkage.

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