A-Sides With Jon Chattman: Turning a 'Corner' With Nico & Vinz's Corner; Get 'Gone' With JR JR

Tag teams in professional wrestling aren't what they once were. Back in the 1980s, you had The British Bulldogs, The Hart Foundation, The Killer Bees, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Brutus Beefcake, and so many more. Tandems were king in that decade. It isn't so much anymore. In the world of music, however, it's been pretty solid throughout the history of time - from The Captain and Tennille to Sleigh Bells. I bet you never thought those two acts would be slammed together into one sentence, right? Anyway, the reason for this very weak opening is to segue to a gloriously Non sequitur pairing of two great duos - Nico & Vinz and JR JR - who have very little in common other than making really infectious, meaningful music in their respective genres.

It's unfair to start any piece on Nico & Vinz with mention of their multi-platinum hit "Am I Wrong," but here we are. The Norwegian duo's 2014 single off their debut album Black Star Elephant was such a triumph on so many fronts. A little pop blended with hip hop and soul, the anthem was a #1 hit in 50 countries, and streamed over 250 million times. The song was a wild animal that - even today - still paws its way onto pop radio. So why the build up for a song that doesn't need any press? It's simple. Nico & Vinz dropped their new five-track EP Cornerstone earlier this month, and it proves that their so much more than one song. Actually, in all honesty, their first record proved this - Cornerstone just takes that notion and blows it out of the water.

Earlier this month, the dynamic duo sat down once again with A-Sides, and discussed the EP, which will hold us over until a a full-length album will drop next year, touring with Bruno Mars in a breakthrough year, and so much more. Enjoy it. Oh, and they also played an extremely unique version of their new hit "That's How You Know." That song, by the way, features Bebe Rexha and Kid Ink on the EP. Keep on keeping on Nico & Vinz.

"That's How You Know"

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What's in a name really? Detroit duo went by the name Dale Earnhardt JR JR for over five years, and released one electro-pop delight after the other. For their new album, they've dropped the DE moniker but who cares honestly. They could be called Rubber Baby Buggie Bumpers, and I'd be still saying the same thing: JR JR are among the best acts on alt-radio right now. Their new single "Gone" is a bit of detour (hearing is subjective), but the results are the same for Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein: a level of awesomeness others can't reach. Heavy rotation awaits these guys, and "Gone" is already as good as gold. The song is burning alt-rock radio, has received a bunch of television placements including a Showtime fall promo, and is getting love from NPR All Songs Considered. Watch below - videos filmed by Yale Goodman.


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