A-Sides with Jon Chattman: It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Another Person Making Oscar Predictions!

I used to be obsessed with movies -- I arguably still am, though it's impossible to get to the multiplexes when you have two small kids. That said, each year when the Oscar nominations are announced, I'm automatically transported back to a time when I lived my life vicariously through the movies. I remember in high school, I'd videotape (aging myself here) the nominations, head off to school, and wonder all day who got nominated. I'd then come home from school and watch the announcements. Remember, this was a time before the Internet so there were no instant PDFs on websites with a full list of nods. I remember showing up late to college courses just so I could watch the announcements -- traditionally held on Tuesday mornings -- live. One time I even watched the nominations at the campus center during breakfast live on my, wait for it, Sony Watchman. Anyway, "Oscar Tuesday" was a big deal, and Joel Siegel of Good Morning America always was part of the big day.

Today, it's easier to catch the nominees. They're streamed live and all of the nominees are posted within minutes online. It sure beats having to wait until the next day to read them in the newspaper. Anyway, with my nerdism fully revealed, as I've done since 1988, here are my predictions of the Oscar predictions. This year is probably the wildest year in decades in that there's no clear frontrunner. While my gut tells me Spotlight and Mad Max: Fury Road will lead the pack with seven or eight nominees altogether, I'm not sold either will win Best Picture yet. But, let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Let another guy tell you who's getting nominated - knowing full well that this year will provide a ton of shocking snubs and huge surprises. Case in point: I'm not even sure Oscar favorite Sylvester Stallone will be nominated. He failed to earn a Screen Actor's Guild nod, and let's face it now that Oscar voting wraps up before the Golden Globe winners are announced, the latter show is pretty much irrelevant in swaying voters. Remember, Scent of a Woman would've likely never picked up a Best Picture Oscar nod had it not won Best Picture at the Globes in 1993. Nerd alert! Anyway, read on right here.

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