A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Make "Bad Decisions" with Denver's Top Flite Empire; Go "Crazy" for Sabryna

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Is Taco Tuesday a thing? I guess it is and even if it isn't, Tuesdays suck. Let's face it next to Monday, it's the second crappiest day of the week. Nothing really happens on this day - especially now that new music comes out Fridays instead. The reason I bring up this pre-Hump Day day is because I've taken it upon myself to make this way-too-early-in-the-week weekday cool again. Specifically, I'm showcasing two up-and-coming artists today who are poised for success. Read on, watch on, and truck on... the weekend will be here before you know it. Just, you know, not right now.

Denver's Top Flite Empire really break away from the hip-hop pack with their original party-inspired rap skills and lyrical mastery. Case in point: take a listen to the duo's anthem "Loop N Joop" and try not to like it. I dare you. Remember "truth or dare?" That game was stupid. Anyway, Top Flite Empire will drop their Bad Decisions EP in a few months, and when you have a listen, it won't shock you that it was produced by Dem Jointz (Dr. Dre and Rihanna).

Top Flite, which is comprised of King Tef (Sean Garris) and Hypnautic (Brian Godeaux), have been climbing the proverbial ladder since they debuted in 2011. Their mixtape OTFTM was a smash, and their new EP should make Denver as famous for its hip hop as it is for its legal weed. Speaking of which, the two have headlined the world's largest 4/20 rally. I spoke to the pair earlier this month. Read on, and follow them as they grow faster than a Chia Pet. Check out the interview here.

Like Top Flite Empire, LA-based recording artist Sabryna (Salmon) seems to be well on her way to stick out like a sore thumb. In this case, the "sore thumb" reference is a positive. The musician also worked with Dem Jointz. What a great day for me, by the way. I've gotten to type "Dem Jointz" three times. I wish I had a cool name like that. Dem Jon? Nah. I'll keep working on it. Anyway, Sabryna just dropped "Young, Sexy, Crazy," the second single off her debut EP of the same name, and it's a lovely slice of dance pop.

music is cool but her backstory may be even cooler. It's debatable but how many people do you know traveled the world in their youth? She grew up between New Zealand and England, and hit every continent. Music was always in her bones, much like King Tef said in the answers above, and studied at Berklee College of Music. Check out the interview here.

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