A Simple Tool to Get You Noticed

It's noisy out there. Everyone wants to be noticed. Yet, so many people ignore this simple and easy tool that I guarantee will set you apart.
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thank you
thank you

It's noisy out there. Everyone wants to be noticed. Yet, so many people ignore this simple and easy tool that I guarantee will set you apart.

It does not involve jumping off the high dive in some silly reality show. It's not running through Central Park naked in an attempt to revive the streaking craze of the early seventies. It does not involve a marketing budget that requires you to get a second mortgage on your home. It does not involve flash and glitz or high end video.

It's simple and inexpensive.

It's called a thank-you.

Thank you for your note.
Thank you for that nice mention on Twitter.
Thank you for your comment on my blog.
Thank you for commenting on my FaceBook page.
Thank you for sharing my stuff.
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.
Thank you for showing up to hear me talk.
Thank you for your consideration.
Thank you for doing business with us.
Thank you for your wise advice.

It says you care. It engages. It establishes relationships. It says, no matter how busy and famous I am or might want to be, I am not too big to remember this simple measure of acknowledgement. It says your business or relationship is important to me and I want you to know it. It says I am happy you are part of my tribe. It makes a lasting impression.

Especially since so many people don't do it.

They think it doesn't matter.
They forget.
They say they will, but never do.
They think they are too important, too famous, too busy.

Which makes no sense.

Let's face it: It's easier than ever to say thank you in a timely manner. (Immediacy is important to the art of thank you.) All it takes is a click of the reply button on an email or a text.You don't even have to talk anymore, although that is always an extra nice touch. Nicer still is going as far as to write a note, get a stamp and put the thank you in an envelope. And as for being too important to take the time -- the digital world has leveled the playing field in so many ways. Thank you's are not exempt. No matter if you are one person or a big corporation.

The point is, it doesn't have to be elaborate or require setting the egg timer for. It's an easy, simple and budget friendly tool to differentiate you from the masses.

Of course you don't have to say thank you. Ever. You can forget it. You can live in the delusion that the more expensive tools to get your name out there will compensate. But they won't. Because when you never say thank you, that gets noticed -- and not in the way you want.

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