A Smart Climate Wager

Many people are aware of what is called "Pascal's Wager." Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist, philosopher, and part-time theologian. With his mathematical mind, he proposed a logical response to the question of the existence of God and Heaven:

A. If you believe in God, and lived an upright and moral life, and God exists, then you will receive eternal happiness and rewards. If you believe in God and live an upright and moral life, and God does not exist, you still have had a nice earthly life and suffer the same nothingness that all others suffer.

B. If you do not believe in God and live whichever way you want, and God and Heaven do not exist then you have had your small limited life. If you do not believe in God and Heaven, and live your life your way, and God does exist and heaven is real, then you will miss out on eternal happiness and rewards.

C. Therefore, He concluded that the best bet was to bet on the existence of God. The probability odds were better to act with the conviction that God and Heaven are real.

If human beings are sane and rational, they understand that we are responsible for the earth. We are the rational creatures who can make decisions that affect the land, water, and air around us. We are supposed to be good managers, good stewards of creation.

It would make sense that we should engage in a similar wager in terms of Climate Change. Most of the nations in the world are in Paris acknowledging that the world is getting warmer and weather is getting weirder and wilder. Among some there is a doubt that human activity is causing that warming. Even so the better bet would be to make a wager like Pascal's:

A.If human activity is causing climate change, then we ought to do what need to be done to reduce our carbon footprint. The results will be cleaner air, renewable energy, slower warming, and healthier living.

B. If human activity is not causing the problem, and we make no changes in our way of living, then the future looks horrible in the next 100 years. If human activity is not causing the problem, and we still make changes in our living, we will have cleaner air, renewable energy, healthier lives, and resources to deal with the increasing heat.

C.Therefore, the more rational and responsible wager would be that human activities are a major part of the problem and take responsible and serious actions to reduce the causes of global warming.

Apparently the Republican members of the House of Representatives are not rational or responsible people as they act to undermine the actions of the President who has made some efforts to act as if humans cause global warming.