A Song Review: "2 Scoops" by Michelle Harding

I started a song-a-day blog a couple weeks ago where each day I post a song I like. I either find these mostly-obscure songs during the course of my day job or artists submit them to me for me to consider. The blog was chugging along well beyond my expectations but last Monday when I posted "2 Scoops" by Michelle Harding the blog's traffic statistics shot through the roof. Based on her fan support, this song and this artist may be on the verge of exploding! It seems that people who hear this song are compelled to share it with their friends and to play it repeatedly. That sounds like the definition of a hit to me.

Love it or hate it (and I found very few people who hate it), you can tell from the first five seconds that "2 Scoops" is unique. It instantly improves your mood. It's got "happy" built into the opening piano and hand-clapping riff. Then, Harding's voice breaks in and announces matter-of-factly that she wants two scoops. Not just one. And the listener immediately thinks, "Well of course. Who would want only one scoop? I mean, that's Scoop 101. You gotta have two!"

"2 Scoops" is a declaration that the dark days that are endured at the end of a relationship are over and it's time to grab life by the horns and live it with gusto from here on out. It's a simple song but aren't all the good ones? There's not much more to say about the song. It's got a great horn section performance that adds to the song's joyful carefree-ness as it swings along. When you hear this one you're going to want to pass it along.

Harding is an LA-based Toronto Canadian whose Peter Holmes-penned song was used last year in a short advertisement for Credit Canada and it generated a lot of demand for the song across that country. It's been largely unheard in the US and won't be available for purchase until September 8th. Indications are her label (Soulkiss/Universal) may be gearing up for a big push. Additionally, "2 Scoops" has been nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards so it's clear the music business is starting to take notice. This song has got to be grabbing the attention of every music supervisor who has heard it. It's got that Apple commercial or theme song to a romantic comedy feel to it.

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"2 Scoops" by Michelle Harding