A Song Review: "Every Single Day" by Jennifer Daniels

With Jennifer Daniels' "Every Single Day," producer/engineer Scott Smith decided less was more, and I believe he nailed it.
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I'm a sucker for a good love song but these days you don't often come across love songs that strike the right balance. They're either clichés of themselves, cross the frontier into corny or they're more about sex appeal and desire than about heartfelt, honest, old-fashioned yet never-out-of-style love.

On the other hand, where can you go these days to find such honest songwriting? The closest you get to soul-bearing transparency on pop radio is with song titles like "My Life Would Suck Without You." It's a good song with a non-subtle message and a a non-conventional yet frankly-familiar way of delivering it. But it's also disposable bubblegum pop.

Independent artist Jennifer Daniels' sweet, pure and refreshingly simple ballad called "Every Single Day" is definitely not bubblegum pop. You're not likely to ever hear it on Z100 and maybe not even on Camel Country. However, it is a compelling song that deserves consideration by an industry with plenty of mass exposure opportunities for songs like this one. And gems this well written and this well-performed aren't abundant. It's a true find. There's really something special about this song.

With "Every Single Day," producer / engineer Scott Smith decided less was more and I believe he nailed it. The strings and piano move in and out, cradling the acoustic guitar in a way that's so subtle you don't even know they're there. It's Daniels' vocal performance that captivates your attention and her voice is perfectly showcased by the instrumentation; the acoustic guitar providing just enough of its own hook to become more than just accompaniment but rather a seamless enhancement to the entire piece.

"Every Single Day" is a song about the fulfillment that can be found in a couples' love even through the passage of time. Love that starts young and full of surprises becomes vintage and comfortably worn, but as true as ever. Deeper. Enduring.

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"Every Single Day" by Jennifer Daniels.

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