A Song Review: "Faith In A Minute" by Rob Peterson

Anything that's worth achieving typically isn't easy. The value of a lofty goal comes from the fact that not everyone has the combination of skill and drive to accomplish it. The road is tough, lonely and those who love you and support you can also have their doubts about your chances of success.

"Faith In A Minute" is a song about that path. It's a song about sticking it out and pushing through the doubts, frustrations and discouragement that beg you to give up the winnable fight. That's a compelling subject, especially in these hard economic times when this must be the subject of countless conversations between couples as they face an uncertain future. It doesn't hurt that this song rocks!

From the drum and acoustic guitar intro to the Alan Parson's-like sound of Rob Peterson's voice and harmonies in the pre-chorus to the coup de grace at the end of the chorus with the line, "This time we've got to believe," the song is inspiring in both its message and its very-well-written melodies.

The dynamic of the song keeps it interesting with a thinning out right after a bridge that states:

I don't wanna turn back, you don't wanna hurt
I know the road was rough - stay with me
Try to think about it - figure out what we can be

The song was co-written by long time writing duo Bill Zimmerman and Rob Peterson who together form ZimBob Music. They write and license music to up and coming performers and after listening to a few of their songs I'd have to agree they have more than one hit in them. In their own words, "We're searching to collaborate with and write for motivated, dedicated artists who share our ideals. We want to play a significant role in developing songs for the next John Mayer, Colbie Caillat, or Sara Bareilles."

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"Faith In A Minute" by ZimBob Music's Rob Peterson