'A Star Is Born' Returning To Theaters With New Song By Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper

The new version of the film shows Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga working on a duet called "Clover."

Fans of the steamy version of “Shallow” sung by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga at the Oscars are getting another duet from the couple.

On Friday, Warner Brothers will release a supersized version of “A Star Is Born” in theaters that includes 12 minutes of new footage.

The expanded version of the film contains extended performances of such songs as opener “Black Eyes”; “Alibi”; and an impromptu a cappella performance of the Oscar-winning “Shallow” by Gaga.

The film also shows Gaga singing “Is That Alright?” to Cooper in the wedding sequence; and the couple writing a new duet, “Clover.”

Based on the reaction given to Gaga and Cooper’s Oscar performance, it’s safe to say the film will add even more to its $426 million global box-office take.



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