'A Stopmotion History Of The World' Is Kalle Mattson's Music Video For 'Thick As Thieves' (VIDEO)

If history's not your strong suit and you're short on time, this little video might a good -- or at least fun -- way to brush up on the basics.

"A Stopmotion History Of The World" covers everything from the Big Bang to the Roman Empire, into the Space Age and beyond, all in a handy animation that's less than four minutes long.

The clever clip is the brainchild of artists Kalle Mattson, Kevin Parry and others, and serves as the music video for Mattson's song "Thick As Thieves."

So whether you're a history buff, animation fan or just bored, watch the video above for a journey through time that you won't soon forget. But if you do, don't worry, you can always watch it again.