These Photos Show The Beautiful Side Of Being 'Marooned'

Photographer finds inspiration from a normally maddening scenario.

Your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and what do you do? If you're anything like the subject of this photo shoot, you live it up -- you've got nowhere else to be. We hope we would be so graceful and stylish under pressure.

Dubai-based photographer Sherif Mokbel created the below scenario for one of his recent photo series, aptly titled "Marooned." In the series Mokbel staged a photo shoot with model Paulina Wielińska about an hour outside of Wroclow, Poland, where she played the part of a stranded driver. Mokbel told The Huffington Post he loves the "vintage style" portrayed in the shoot and that "classic never dies." He also said, "I was traveling to Poland for other shoots. I fell in love with their dirt roads that traveled across those fields, something we don’t have here in Dubai where I live."

In order to make use of Poland's beautiful countryside, Mokbel came up with the idea for a "stylish vintage-looking girl whose car broke down" and worked in the juxtaposition of having the model seem not to care about her situation by having her do mundane things, such as changing her clothing, putting on makeup, smoking and drinking.

Check out Mokbel's amazing work, replete with cinemagraphs, in the photos below.

Check out more of Sherif Mokbel's cinemagraph work here!

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