A Key Thing Is Missing In Most Self Help Advice And It's Simple

A Success Formula in 10 Easy Steps
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NOTE: Some parts of the text (marked as text) are illustrated for you. It is scientifically proven that the human brain remembers pictures easier than text. In this case it is even more powerful because the illustrations here are directly associated with phrases and concepts expressed in this article. Allow yourself to “read” from these pictures. It will be fun. But more valuable than fun is obtaining superior results in business and academia and doing better on educational tests like PISA. This has been shown to be true in Asian nations whose alphabet consists of pictorial images rather than mere linguistic letters. And it is proven that PISA test results are proportionally connected the academic growth and GDP of said nations. China is a good case in point, as it is one of the most successful on PISA tests and also one of the most successful economies in the world. Think about that! Enjoy! Learn! Be happy! And achieve success!

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

~Winston Churchill~

We are the consequence of our past and at the same time the cause of our future.

This means that right now we are creating our future with our every thought and with our every action. Let’s see how.

We all accomplish goals in our personal life, in school and on the job. So I have a question for you: “Whose goals are you accomplishing?” Are these really your goals or are they imposed upon you?

For, how do we explain that 2% of the population has 90% of the wealth in the world? This is a well-known fact. Another question comes to mind: are you among the 2%?

Set your own goals and act to accomplish them or someone else will hire you to accomplish theirs! Be the part of the 2%!

What is Your Goal?

It doesn’t matter where we are coming from. The only thing that matters is where we are going. Do you know where you are going? Do you really, exactly know your way?

If you do, I encourage you to proceed! But, if you don’t, I must ask you: “What is your goal?”

That is a crucial step most people don’t take time to consider. Truth is, the answer is in you. Maybe your mind doesn’t realize it yet. But your heart does - and you can discover the answer when you are in the Alfa state of mind, which happens during meditation, for example.

Only connecting to your inner self can lead you to your true self and help you get an honest, ego-less answer to the question: “What is my goal?”

When you manage to “find it out”, set is as your priority, make an action plan, decide to accomplish it and do it!

Decision Comes First.

Decision is just the first step, but actions are every step after that first one.

Do you know the story about the three frogs that are standing beside a lake and then one frog decides to jump in? How many frogs are now beside the lake? Three. For one frog decided to jump, but it never did! Don’t be that frog.

The Missing Key Without Which all Else Crumbles.

You can learn verified practical techniques for bettering your own mind, or emotional development techniques, and then techniques to further your intellectual skills; you can even find management tools, problem-solving tools, etc. The Internet is full of instructors. Books about self-development are all around us. But why do many of them not work?

Because the most important thing is missing: Until it is explicitly clear exactly where we should apply these techniques and how they will help, how can we know we are on the right track and that the techniques won’t just hurt us?

Why you aren’t satisfied.

But first answer this: Have you set your own goals? And if you did, what are you doing to accomplish them?

LHM Success Formula

S – “Set your own goals.”

U – “U are the only one who knows what is best for yourself. Find it IN you.”

C – “Create your own peace and find out what are your desires.”

C – “Create an action plan, set time limit and do it! Reach it! Live it!”

E – “Excellence exists in you. Be the excellence.”

S – “Sense your feelings and listen to them. Do whatever it takes to feel good.”

S – “Stick to it. Act. Do it! If you fail, do it again and again. Try and try and try. No one has succeeded something big in the first attempt.”

Catherine B. Roy

Author of “Live from Your Heart and Mind” (LHM) system for emotional and intellectual development

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