A Summer Saturday in Manhattan

We’ve been staying in Manhattan on the weekends this summer, and I have to say I love it here. It’s like a mini-staycation every single week, as we stroll around different parts of the city.

This time we set out re-exploring our old stomping grounds, which turned out to be a foodie visual feast. I’m a foodie, I love a good pic, and I never turn down a feast!

First we stopped into Joseph Leonard in the Village, after paying homage to the Stonewall National Park. We read that the fried chicken sandwich is to die for, but I went for the burger.

Then onto the Union Square Farmers Market where we got lost in our senses.

We ended the afternoon with some Rose at The Smith (after a little shopping at abc carpet and Fishs Eddy).

And then a little take-out to enjoy at home from Westside Market.

What a delightful way to spend a Saturday in New York. I think we’ll try something different next weekend!



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