A Sunday's Visit to Gold's Gym in Venice

A Sunday's Visit to Gold's Gym in Venice
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Every once in awhile I like to drive over to Venice Beach which is about 25 min away and visit Gold's Gym and see the changes over the years.


The gym today is on Hampton Street and 5 rooms larger than the original that was on Pacific Avenue. It doesn't even appear to be part of the same family.


The original on Pacific was quite different and even though it remains the same on the outside, the inside was remodeled to be a beautiful home.



Inside it's beautiful but it saddens me to see that part of my life gone. It was the best years in the 70' and that's why it's called the Golden Era. Seems like I was there and then it's way behind me but that's how life is. However the popularity of that Era and our physiques at the time have come to the top and rated as the best physiques of all time. Because of that Ric's Corner has become extremely popular as today's fitness buffs want to know all about our training and diet back then so now's the time to capitalize on it.

The new Gold's gym is huge and has five big rooms full of equipment. It's a big corporation as compared to a one owner Joe Gold.


The original below on Pacific Ave.


The thing is with the new gym is that there aren't many of our original group there anymore. Either they passed away or stopped training. It's basically a new younger crowd. Although many recognize me from the past or my show Ric's Corner, no one knows who Joe Gold is. They don't even have a picture on the wall of him and if He hadn't built the gym in 1965, there wouldn't be a Gold's Gym today. That's very sad. Joe also opened up and built World Gym. in 1976 and it became famous as well.


When Joe passed away in 2004 I did this airbrush drawing of him.


One thing they did keep is the Original Logo that I designed in 1973 and it's on the front of the building and even a street sign.



I still feel that they should have a photo of Joe since he founded the gym but no one can give me a good reason why they don't. Over all it's a great gym and so many machines that you can always find one to workout on and Nikko who manages the Pro Shop always has a great selection of appearal to chose from. I did an arm workout and then walked over to the Famous Firehouse which is a place that all the gym members frequent. The food is geared towards nutrition and bodybuilding. It's a fun place and I had the Chicken Breast, Egg Whites and Blueberry Multigrain Pancakes.

Had a good time and a good lunch and then came home to write about it. If you are ever in Venice
stop in and see Gold's. It really is a place to see.

The Firehouse



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