A Thank You Note To Sarah

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In a few days, my wife Sarah will graduate with her master’s degree. Today, I was thinking about how proud I am of all her hard work. And that got me thinking some more. There are so many reasons for me to be thankful for Sarah. I should tell them to her every day. I try, but I’ve always been better at writing than speaking. So, if you’ll permit me, let me tell you why I’m so thankful...


Thank you.

Thank you for all your hard work. Even when you didn’t feel like writing another word, you perservered. I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you for sticking with it and never giving up. Thank you for finishing strong no matter what was thrown your way. The part-time jobs, classes, homework, laundry - you did it all. I didn’t tell you this as much as I should have, but I’m saying it now...

...thank you.

Thank you for giving a chance to that guy that was struggling to commit. I wish I could tell that guy all the joys that were in store, but life doesn’t work that way. I’m just thankful he finally came to his senses.

Thank you for writing notes in my lunch when I went to work. I know you couldn’t see me, but I lit up every time I read one. I still have those notes in my office desk.

Thank you for listening. To my incessant talking about movie meanings and fantasy sports. Even when I know I’m boring you to tears, you still listen. That’s pretty special. While we’re on the subject, I was thinking about offering this trade in my fantasy baseb...I mean...

...thank you.

Thank you for speaking truth into my life. For straightening me out when worry warps my mind. For encouraging me. For helping me see that sometimes conflict resolution means spending a few minutes in separate rooms.

Thank you for marrying me.

Thank you for your strong faith. I’m challenged by it every day. You’re such a strong person. I love that about you. But thank you for continually pointing me to the Source of your strength. I thank God for you, Sarah.

Thank you for going back to school. I know it was hard. I know you didn’t always feel like doing it. But now, you’re here. You’ve done it. YOU did it. Look at all you’ve done. I’m so proud of you, Sarah. So proud.

Thank you for introducing me to your amazing family. And thank you for accepting mine.

Thank you for teaching me to cook and to fold laundry correctly. My college self could have used those lessons.

Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for swimming under La Mina. For cheering at the Super Bowl. For hiking to Table Rock. For holding my hand on Myrtle Beach. For standing at 6am outside Wrigley Field for a certain parade. For sitting on our couch watching Netflix. Every day is an adventure with you, my love.

Thank you for messaging me on Facebook that first time. I’ll never stop thanking you for that.

Thank you for your passion. You don’t do anything half-hearted. That’s such a wonderful trait! I love that about you. Never lose that. Never let me or anyone else speak against that. Thank you for living with passion. That’s why people are drawn to you. I can’t wait to see what you do. Because you already do so much. All I can say is...

...thank you.

Thank you for living in the moment each day.

Thank you for encouraging me to try sushi. I really like it now.

And for all the many things I haven’t mentioned. For the million reasons that make you great. For the years we’ve been together and the many we still have yet to experience. For everything...

...thank you, Sarah. Thank you.