A Thank You to My Dad for Being My Father -- and Mother

As many may know, my mother passed away when I was eight. Most people know my stories and experiences with her, but today, this is not the case. Today, I want to talk about the man who took the role to be my mother, as well as my father.

To be honest, I think his Twitter bio sums him up quite well being "I want some candy with a side of sunshine please."

My friends see my dad as "Bob, the IT Man" since he introduced himself saying his name is Bob, although it's really Chris. Other people know about his crazy Halloween costumes, or the time he was on The Jerry Springer Show and took the audience into commercial break, or even going to concerts like Megadeath, Ozzy and Motley Crue, and Alice in Chains.

However, there is a lot my friends and most people in my life do not know.

I admit, I do get aggravated with my dad sometimes, and I cause unnecessary arguments, and attitude when it is unneeded. But throughout it all, he is there for me. Whether it's my ongoing medical issues that seem like they're nonstop some months, and waking him up to grab me a bottle of water when I'm too sick to move or when I break my technology, bugging him to please fix it. He does all he can for me, no matter how silly it can be, even if it's something like, "DAD, DEMI LOVATO TICKETS ARE ON SALE PLEASE BUY THEM AND I'LL PAY YOU ONCE I GET MY PAYCHECK." And although he finds it crazy, he still drives me and my best friend to Connecticut to go see my idol.

My father is strong -- way stronger than I ever thought. When he is sick, he still continues to drive me to the train station so I can get to work on time. When my mother is brought up, he keeps his composure even when he is hurting.

The adventures my father and I have gone on are hilarious, and random. I'll never forget the time we went to "The Hot Dog Safari," and he accidentally backed into a row of cones and ran them over. The time he lied to my brother and I to go on the "Big Bad Wolf" Roller Coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, saying it was a kiddie coaster -- and boy, it wasn't. Or even the two week road trip to Niagara Falls, Cedar Point and Hershey Park.

My dad: The nerd, Star Wars geek, vacation-loving and secretly cat-loving (yes dad, although you curse Ceejay and Fatty, I know you love them) father of mine deserves the world.

I love you so much dad, and no matter how much I argue, don't forget it.


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