A Ticket For Rush: Website Raises Money To Banish Limbaugh

A Ticket For Rush: Website Raises Money To Banish Limbaugh

So if you haven't heard, the health care bill has passed. I'll give you a moment to fist pump and say "Suck it, Boehner".... Aaaaand we're back. What you may have forgotten in the midst of all the fist pumps and high fives was that a couple of weeks ago, everyone's favorite conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said that if the Health Care Bill passed, he would move to Costa Rica.

Would you look at that? Bill passed. Time for Limbaugh to live up to his promise. But just in case he backs out, enter "A Ticket For Rush," a website with the sole purpose of accepting $1 donations (through PayPal) to buy Rush a first-class ticket to Costa Rica.

If Rush refuses to accept this generous offer, the money will be donated to Planned Parenthood. And on top of that, if they raise more money than is necessary (or not enough), everything will still go to Planned Parenthood.

So let's make this happen. Not only would Rush be gone, but he may be disappointed with what Costa Rica has to offer: things like, you know, universal health care.

Here's the website again: http://www.aticketforrush.com/

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