A Trans Daydream

A young girl wonders through her home, searching. She knows that it's here, somewhere. Walking into her parent's bedroom she sees it, shining, luminescent among the common cloth found in most closets. But this blue dress was special. It was her magical blue dress. She came alive from just a light touch of its angelic fabric. Seizing the moment to rescue the glowing garment from its dreary fate she fluttered away in gleeful anticipation.

Cradling it to her body she stands before a mirror to imagine herself wrapped in its loving embrace. Dancing across the floor of her home, spinning round; visions of one day becoming a graceful ballerina take over her imagination. Slipping into her magical blue dress, she maneuvers effortlessly across the floor, each toe pointed perfectly upon the tattered stage.

Standing in the wings of a lavishly adorned theatre, she holds position in the darkness. Then, from the silence, Waltz of Flowers begins to emerge, rising from the orchestral pit. As the lights find her on stage, her body flows in time to Tchaikovsky's melodic masterpiece. The darkness of the theatre bathed in light as the stage is flooded with vibrant hues of pink and blue. The young girl accompanied by her fellow dancers embody the wonderment of this festive dance. The audience sits in delighted ecstasy as each movement is played out with breathtaking accuracy and poise.

Moving into a pirouette à la seconde, the dress moves around her like flowing water round a bend. The world fading into a blur. Descending from the pirouette, the skirt settled about her like a cloud. Before her, the stage was gone

Sitting now in a colorful meadow, playing hostess at a curious picnic. Attending this illustrious feast, an unconvincingly ferocious tiger, a peculiar young woman adorned in rainbows and an unassuming bear with a picture across his belly. Without pause to consider how she may have arrived at this peculiar menagerie, the young girl smiled courteously at her unexpected guests. Enjoying exotic fruits and cheeses, they each listened intently as she recounted for them tales of her many adventures.

How she was truly an alien princess, sent to Earth disguised as a common human child so that the interlopers coveting her mother's throne could not complete their devious plan. Point of fact, she was a Tiger Princess known across the galaxy as Camille, the most precious and beautiful girl in all the universe; beloved by all. She knew that someday, somewhere a ship would arrive to escort her away from this place. And she would be welcomed back into her kingdom, an entire galaxy waiting for her return.

The fog of her reverie is abruptly disturbed by the ominous roar of an approaching engine. In a panic the young girl quickly ascends from her regalement, fleeing for the safety of her room; leaving behind a starving cat to nibble on grapes and cheddar cheese. She moves with some speed slamming the door behind.

It's too soon, if they find her now, it'll be all over. No more adventuring, no more dance recitals, no more magical blue dress. She didn't even get to tell her lunch guests about the time she was revered as a goddess by a primitive tribe. Or how she narrowly escaped the clutches of a nefarious pirate captain who wanted to take a bride. She knew what had to be done.

In a mad fervor she cast off her magical blue dress. Spinning round and reaching out for another costume. She quickly donned its seemingly average garb to take on the persona of her assumed role; knowing these clothes would hide her misadventures from the impending incursion into her fantastical world.

Stuffing away the dress under her bed, she calmed herself. The jostling of the front door knob made the hair on the nape of her neck rise. Times up. She emerged from her room. Greeting her parents with a smile and a hug, her ruse was set in place. They hopefully didn't suspect a thing had gone awry. So long as they might disregard the cat sitting on a blanket eating cheese.

Her mother, looking around the home, probably enthused that she had managed on her own without burning the house down, asked...

"How was your day young man?"

2015-11-05-1446687557-286270-Facebook20151104053617.jpg Above: Princess Camille all grown up.