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10 Fashionable Memories From My Years Of Travel Blogging

Going through my clothing has turned out to be a wonderful way to look back upon my travels.
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As a travel blogger, I like to share stories that incorporate fashion. I take photos in outfits that relate to the destination: I feel this help convey the culture, mood, or plain joy of the experience.

I've now been to over fifty countries, sporting many different styles along the way. I dressed in Indian robes to visit Bali's temples, and put on a dramatic cloak at the Hobbit set in New Zealand. I spread my fringe wings above the historic architecture of Istanbul, and donned a cut-out skull dress for Barcelona's Gothic quarter.

As you might imagine, the clothes have piled up over the years. Recently, I've embarked on a wardrobe clear-out, listing almost everything in my closet on Depop.

Going through my clothing has turned out to be a wonderful way to look back upon my travels. Many have quite the back-story, so I thought I'd share ten tales about ten of the pieces I've put up for sale.


For Love and Lemons in Cebu, Philippines

Sometimes, I look around and think - how did I get here? In this case, I was invited to a Cebu resort in the Philippines... to judge a "Miss Scuba" beauty contest! For the pageant, I wore this corset-boned dress by For Love and Lemons, creating a "Goth in hot weather" look.


Gladnews Gyaru Dress for High Tea

I love Japanese "fashion tribes," and especially love the brand Gladnews -- which straddles Goth, punk, and "gyaru", a chic Shibuya style. This dress was perfect for a "Goth Alice in Wonderland" photoshoot, at a famous tea house in Manchester, England.


Liz Lisa Gyaru Dress in Marrakesh

I had long dreamed of visit Morocco, and finally had a chance to go last summer. I wanted to take special photos in Marrakesh's Jardin Majorelle, known for its lush gardens and blue architecture. This long, white dress by Japan's Liz Lisa added to the dreamy mood.


Monster Cosplay with Reality Star Josie Stevens

During a work trip to LA, I met up with Josie Stevens - star of E! Networks' "Married to Rock" reality show. She designed a line of clubwear and costumes, with J Valentine, and invited me to model her designs. Such a blast to walk around Hollywood, dressed as a green furry monster.


Killstar Fringe Dress in Istanbul

I visited Istanbul earlier this year, and went to secret spots for the best possible photos. A guard let my team into a private building, and we climbed onto the perilous rooftop for this epic view of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. I spread my arms like wings, and my Killstar fringed dress turned me into a dark angel over Constantinople.


Skull Dress in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

One of my favorite activities is wandering around a city, and taking photos along the way. In Barcelona, I enjoyed strolling through the narrow streets of the Gothic quarter, and finding street art on top of ancient doorways. I was pleasantly surprised to come across this skull mural, which perfectly matched the back of my bohemian skull dress.


Alice and the Pirates Outfit for Travel TV

One of my craziest travel TV shoots was in Tokyo, for a French show about subcultures. We filmed bizarre scenes, including an intro where I rode in a rickshaw, and was chased by a green monster in a full-body suit! I wore this decadent red and black dress, by the famous Japan Lolita brand Alice and the Pirates, to fit the underground theme of this show.


Angelic Pretty Gothic Lolita Dress

Although I've travelled all over the world, some of my fondest memories take place close to home. My friend Rose and I would take roadtrips to Seattle, and get into all sorts of shenanigans. On this trip, we both dressed up in Japanese Lolita dresses. Mine is an Angelic Pretty design: grey plaid with heart pockets. We stopped by the studio of a local artist friend, where we snapped this "living dead dolls" photo together.


Red Platform Boots for Andrew Zimmern's Show

An early travel TV job was a major one -- I was the Tokyo guide to weird restaurants, on Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods! I was thrilled to meet the Travel Channel host, who is lovely in person and complimented my shoes: these red knee high boots, by Tokyo's Angelic Pretty. They have a unique platform heel and bows for a "kawaii" cute effect.

Find more of La Carmina's fashions on her Depop store, and contact her through her blog.