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A True American Political Platform

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Maybe overly simplistic, but here's a political platform for our next POTUS I can get behind:

1. A healthcare system based on wellness, not profit.

2. A public education system based on learning and experience, not profit.

3. A workforce and entrepreneurial system based on innovation and excellence, coupled with shared profits and a smaller gap between the top (leadership) and the bottom (workers).

4. A flat and simplified tax code based on the premise that if you want to live here, you pay your share. You make this, you pay this.

5. Climate change is real. If we don't admit it, our children, and their children will suffer because of our choices.

6. Equality. Period. Black, white, gay, Muslim, women, handicapped, veteran, whatever. If you're an American, than you're better than no one, and no one is better. Read the constitution.

7. Right to bear arms is constitutional. However, just as we have controls on food products, medicines, vehicle registrations, mortgages, and trade certifications, the same rules must be applied to owning a weapon.

8. Legalize marijuana nationwide.

9. Immigration: Unless you're a Native American Indian, your family came from somewhere else. If you want to live here, be vetted, declare your allegiance to the United States of America, pay your fair taxes, and welcome home.

10. Prison reform.

11. Banking reform.

12. Military reform. We don't need bigger, that's yesterday. Tomorrow's wars, and our ability to stop them before they happen, are being fought more through technology than might. We need to continue encouraging smart people willing to serve, support them in the field, and once home, make it a priority to champion them forever.

13. Police and law enforcement's job is to serve and protect. As a nation we need to support our law enforcement, and at the same time, holding every enforcer of our laws accountable for their actions.

14. Transparency. If you are to lead this magnificent nation, you must be the standard bearer for all Americans. Becoming president of the United States is a privilege afforded few. Everything you do and say is no longer about you, it's about us. Make us proud.