A TV Series Not to Miss

Tonight (Wednesday, October 14, 2015) at 9 PM CT the first episode of what should be an outstanding six-part series called "The Brain with David Eagleman" will be shown on PBS. The world-famous neuroscientist tells what science has recently learned about the brain, how our brains create what we perceive as reality, and how what we are is a construct within the brain. Episode 1 is entitled "What is Reality?."

There are five reasons I have been following David Eagleman for the past five years and why he is one of my heroes.

1.He is a fellow non-combat TBI survivor. I wrote about how he helped me regain wellness in The neuroscientist who uses poetry to heal. (Disclosure: I am the "one Albuquerquean" in the story.)
2.He hails from Albuquerque where my wife Sabina and I live.
3.He graduated from Albuquerque Academy, where my son Christopher teaches science.
4.He is one of the leading neuro-scientists. I wrote about how he consulted on a television series in "Perception" buttressed by a brilliant Albuquerquean.
5.He is a great writer. I reviewed one of his books in 'Incognito' is a fine 'user's manual' for the brain