A Valentine Like No Other


The day of love has arrived,
It couldn't be sweeter
If you were a poster, a blogger or tweeter.

But you, even you, must acknowledge the one
Who has made your life
Happy and Special and Fun.

So buy him a card or a shirt or a bottle,
Buy her some candy or shoes or a bauble,
But buy it you must
Or your love will not show.

Unless you get them star-billing
On your blog on HuffPo

You can show them your love
When you make them a star,
When you scribe all their beauty
From near and afar.

Your grand gesture will take them
To Facebook and Pinterest,
Your schmoopie will be known from
Paris to Minsk.

So use your skill on the Internet and over the Web
It's cheaper than chocolate
And will get you in bed.

Shout it from Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat
Your special one is nothing to sneeze at,
She's grand and he's fine and totally the best
She's better than Kim and Beyonce and
Screw you Kanye West.

Your love is abounding
So text it and wait
Read your comments and endorsements
Of how it's so great
To love and to cherish all over the web
Happy Valentine's Day, you're now a celeb.