A Valentine's Day Where She Just Knows

A Valentine's Day Where She Just Knows
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Written by Jocelyn Freeman and Liz Higgins

It’s no secret that the world has conditioned us to feel that we will never have enough, will never be enough, and that the source of true happiness lies in external sources outside of ourselves. The world tells us to seek outwardly.

I’ve experienced the personal struggle of looking every which way for happiness, love, and fulfillment outside of myself, only to find that the truth always brought me full circle: back to myself.

This Valentine’s Day, let your truth ring true: That you are enough, and that living from the inside-out instead of experiencing life from the outside-in will bring you more joy and self-love than you probably knew was inside of you.

There is a reckoning happening inside of you. You may sense it; you may not just yet. The stirring within you is the pull of your Self trying to find itself again!

It’s time to tune in. It’s time to listen to your inner knowing.

So, what’s a Valentine’s Day where you’re experiencing your inner knowing? Read on:

1. She Just Knows Collaboration over Competition

As women, we can be tempted into competition with other women when we are out of balance. We think that if we compete with another woman, we might be validated ourselves. But validation comes from within. She Just Knows there's no reason to compete.

Instead, we can collaborate as women.

For me, collaboration was a part of my transformation and learning to love myself. I reached out to Liz because I saw that she was talented & really providing extraordinary value for the world. I desired to collaborate with her and see how, together, we can create great things. That was a new type of action for me to take, rather than trying to compete with Liz. And now, we were able to write this article for you all!

When women collaborate, we can change the world!

On Valentine's Day, where can you link arms with women and have them feel beautiful and treasured around you?

Who in your life do you desire to collaborate with?

Are there women in your life that would be delighted to hear from you and hear a compliment?

2. She Just Knows She is Beautiful

Women around the world have forgotten that they are truly beautiful, just as they are.

When we forget that we are beautiful, we start to hold ourselves back; we try not to stand out.

But we were not born to hide, we were born to shine.

I grew up extremely self-conscious. I sometimes would even cry when I would look in the mirror because I hated what I saw. Because I didn't feel beautiful, I made poor dating choices. I needed a particular man to validate me because I didn't see my own beauty.

It took years of growing my mind and growing spiritually, but now I truly feel beautiful. I allow myself to shine and I believe all women can remember they are beautiful.

On Valentine's Day, no matter if you have a partner or you are solo at the moment, look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful.

If you dress up, dress up for yourself.

And more than anything, how can we help women around us feel beautiful.

Let's give away that gift by complimenting women around us.

3. She Just Knows No Fear Can Stop Her

There might never be a day where we are free of all fears. Why? Because we are human.

But where have we let fear stop us from Shinning & living from our Inner-Knowing?

For so many years, I let my fear direct my life. I chose men from fear, I chose a job from fear, I chose foods from fear. I believed the negative comments in my mind and I listened to them, even when my intuition was begging me to follow what was in the Highest & Best.

I learned that miracles happened in my life when I followed my inner-knowing instead of fear.

I created a life of being in Alignment.

We all have that potential to be in Alignment with our true purpose.

Rather than focusing on a date on Valentine's Day, what if you took action on a passion project you've been wanting to start?

Or if you've been afraid to ask out someone that you think is incredible, can you invite them to do something fun instead of waiting for them?

Or you've been dreaming about a different career & you apply to that new job on Valentine's Day?

4. She Just Knows That Acceptance Will Free Her From Comparison

How has comparing yourself and your relationships to others steered you away from your true values?

How does what the world says you should be impact who you are allowing yourself to be and what you allow yourself to do?

I used to find myself mindlessly sifting through my Facebook and social media feeds, looking at how everyone else seemed so happy, doing all the things I often wished I could do, and continuously holding myself up to the standard of how others’ lives appeared.

It took a mini social media hiatus to refocus on myself and to realize that comparing myself to others’ lives (especially via social media) is only comparing myself to half-truths. We never see the whole truth on social media. I was holding myself up to a standard that really didn’t even exist!

So, what if you turned off the social media this Valentine’s day and focused on acceptance of you…all of you?

What is one specific thing about yourself (your crazy curls, your post-baby bod, your anxiety) that you can fully accept today and lean into, love on, and explore more deeply?

Write a love letter to yourself.

Embrace the parts of yourself that you compare to others. You will find that there is beauty, even in the flaws.

5. She Just Knows That Self-Compassion Heals Heartache

Whether you are single, holding pains from the past, or don’t feel like you are complete without being in a relationship, the truth is this: You are a gift, and you are enough.

Self-compassion, or treating yourself with kindness, respect, and honoring your own emotional experiences is the key to real self-love.

The reality is, you don’t have to like everything about yourself before practicing self-compassion. You don’t have to “fake it ’til you make it”. True compassion begins with acknowledging the frustrations and the challenges that you go through. It begins by welcoming the human experience of pain and love, all at the same time. Some great starter exercises can be found through the work of self-compassion pioneer, Dr. Kristin Neff.

Your inner knowing, the part of you that you just know is your truth, is waiting for you- ripe and ready to flourish.

Will you listen to your inner knowing this Valentine’s Day?

Consider connecting with YOU in a deeper way this season of love, and see what magic unfolds.


This post was written by Jocelyn Freeman (in Arizona) & Liz Higgins (in Texas).

Jocelyn Freeman is a published Author, Speaker & Social Entrepreneur. She is delighted to introduce you to She Just Knows.

She Just Knows is a movement just born into the world. She Just Knows is a platform where you can connect to content that reminds you to tap into you INNER KNOWING. Deep down inside, we know our truth, we know what feels in alignment, we know what's going to fulfill on our purpose. Connect to that inner knowing further by looking at SheJustKnowsMovement.Com.

Liz Higgins, LMFT Associate is a couples therapist and relationship expert based out of Dallas, TX. She specializes in working with millennial couples and individuals to create the most epic marriages, relationships, and lives possible. Liz is also an avid relationship blogger and her contributions have been featured on The Gottman Institute, Today.com, and The Huffington Post. You can read more about Liz and check out her blog at www.lizhigginsmft.com.

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