A Visit to My Back Porch: Ari Picker of Lost in the Trees

A Visit to My Back Porch: Ari Picker of Lost in the Trees
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I first heard about the band Lost in the Trees from my daughter Maya. But then I read about them in Garden and Gun. So I knew they must be good. They are a totally interesting mix of singer-songwriter, alt-country and ... classical! There are some songs on their album All Alone in an Empty House that sound completely classical. I have to say, the title of the album and first song was a big appeal -- one of my happiest times is when I am all alone in an empty house (three kids, a husband, and various people who help out a lot and come and go as they please make it very, very RARE that I get to be all alone in an empty house). The words to the song are sad, eerie, and moody, but I still love it. LOVE it. I'm not going to recommend my five favorite songs this time, because I think you should download the whole album and listen to it all in one continuous flow. It's best that way. And I'm thrilled that Ari stopped by my back porch!

What was your favorite comfort food growing up?

My mother's pizza! She'd make the dough by pouring all the flour in a big pile right on her chop block table (the kind with the old sewing machine pedal used as the base); half white flower, and half whole wheat. The sauce was just a can of tomato paste mixed with water and sautéed garlic, all simmered in a big cast-iron pan. The taste was sweet and tangy. She'd cover our old shallow baking pan with oil and heat it in the oven. She said it would fry the crust a bit, so it would be extra crispy on the edges. Large circles of red onions and cheese would be our only toppings. So good!!!

What is it now?

My mother's pizza. I try to make it, but I've yet to do as good a job as she did!

What's your must-have food when on the road?

Tea! Bringing our tea selection on the road with us has been a lifesaver. Royal Golden Yunnan for the morning, Green Dragon oolong for lunch, and fresh peppermint before bed.

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