A Vote For Trump Is A Vote Against Women

In December the GOP nominee for president, Donald Trump, will stand trial for sexual assault. Despite denying these allegations outright, there is evidence to suggest that Trump's conduct around women is less than stellar. So let this be a rallying cry: A vote for Trump is a vote against women.

Trump's behavior highlights the worst aspects of entitled white male privilege in America. A topic we've seen this year as highlighted in the Brock Turner case, the effects of which can be felt through people like Emily Doe.

The impact of making Trump the next president of the United States cannot be understated. It will empower this white male privilege to keep thriving. It will show misogynists around the world that despite your behaviour, you can do anything your heart or penis desires (unless you're Billy Bush).

Trump is desperate to win and is trying to claw his way to a victory. Many people in America are noticing his shitty behaviour and are making a stand against it, however we cannot grow complacent. Trump has empowered a generation of like-minded people to follow his ways and we must do everything to stop it.

We live in one of the most advanced countries in the world. It's time to stop empowering sexism. It's time to elect the first female president of the United States and it's time to shatter the glass ceiling.